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The Preeminent Christ!

Have you ever heard a preacher call Jesus that? I don’t believe that I have and I have been going to church for about fifty years (although I don’t remember much of those first few years). 690 more words


Why all of the violence?

We see it and hear about it on the news every day. It is in the movies and TV shows. So why are we so enthralled with violent games and TV shows? 424 more words



I have read many books, scientific and novels, books to waste time with and books which help you in ways that you need help with. I have come to understand much of the Bible itself but I am still studying it and will be until my death. 640 more words


How much more?

What has to happen in our country or in the world to wake people up? How much more will have to be taken away in the form of losing freedoms or rights? 547 more words


You Have A Purpose #For Such A Time As This

You know deep down there is something you are supposed to do in your life. You may even know what it is.

The feeling leaves you restless, almost lonely in a sense. 834 more words

God's Purpose For Your Life

Changing times...

The world and everything in it is changing. The problems which we have to deal with, the good and the bad things which happen every day rarely give any of us a break in our lives. 511 more words


Grief, life and eternity!

Sooner or later we all have to go through one of the first two and everyone will be in an eternity of their own making one day. 780 more words