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Are you a follower, a leader, or a Christian?

In many ways we are called to be all three, especially if we claim to be Christians. Today, we are supposed to be a people who follow Jesus and His example, not the “politically correct” way but His Way of Life! 713 more words



We make excuses for every decision that we make. Why? There are many who look to themselves for power and the way to have wealth and prosperity. 721 more words


What should we do?

I read a report today about some research that the Barna group did and here is a small excerpt from that report: The California-based Barna Group… 563 more words


A life well lived

A life well lived.

This is a post about a day in my life. Let me know what you think about it. I hope that you like it and maybe it will help someone, somewhere. 280 more words

God's Purpose For You

The love of God

These words from the song “The Love of God” truly touched me today, I hope that they will do the same for you as well. 293 more words


Live your life like a sermon

I got this in a very special email today. I hope that it touches your day like it did mine.

Some things to think about before it is too late. 623 more words


What can we do?

There are wars and murders, attacks from terrorists, human trafficking, threats from all sides it seems and this is just from one day’s news broadcast! How can people be so hate-filled and mean in this day and the time that we are living in? 616 more words