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What would get your attention?

I see many blogs which are much more related to photos or jokes or even paintings which get much more traffic than the messages which I place here. 511 more words


How was your day?

Each of us has at least one day which doesn’t go quite like we hoped it would. Some of us wake up to joint pain and fever, some of us have to live with cancer or arthritis on a daily basis. 527 more words


Will you come back?

Many people seem to be leaving the church today, for one reason or another. They are either too busy or tired of the same old sermons being taught over and over, or at least that is what they think it is being done. 390 more words


Truth or Consequences

Living the life of a Christian has never been easy. From the time of Jesus’ departure, the apostles and disciples were persecuted by the local priests and by Rome and the Roman government. 504 more words


Truth in the Word

How much truth do you see in God’s Word? In the gospel? If it isn’t true and there is no Truth in it, then why believe? 485 more words


Learning about God from God

It is something that many of us try to do in our lives at one point or another, but many of us have no idea how to do it? 330 more words


Read and study the Bible

Here are eleven excellent reasons you should read the word of God everyday:

  1. It tells you how to be genuinely saved and how to grow in your faith.

  2. 403 more words