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Why Does Your Soul Seek Experiences To Grow?

Saul, in the last post, you said we would have a look at the reasons why souls seek out experiences to grow while their on the earthly plane. 779 more words

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We are in dire need

I placed this picture here because we all need to pray this prayer every day! Yes, we are in dire need of prayers and the strength that comes from Him every day! 757 more words



Life is opening your eyes in the morning.

Life is seeing your child running in the yard.

Life is working in the garden.

Life is being there for a friend. 77 more words



If God’s presence has really left our country, why? Well, over the last fifty years we have continually pushed Him away from our children, from our educational institutions, from the public square, from being present at football games and other sports through prayer, even out of political and other bodies of legislative actions where His Presence is sorely needed today. 313 more words


Are you a follower, a leader, or a Christian?

In many ways we are called to be all three, especially if we claim to be Christians. Today, we are supposed to be a people who follow Jesus and His example, not the “politically correct” way but His Way of Life! 713 more words



We make excuses for every decision that we make. Why? There are many who look to themselves for power and the way to have wealth and prosperity. 721 more words


What should we do?

I read a report today about some research that the Barna group did and here is a small excerpt from that report: The California-based Barna Group… 563 more words