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Family life, is it?

I don’t know how to be a good father.

Is there a way?

Have you wondered about this too?

What, really, should we do?

Can it be done, today! 196 more words


Today is the day!

It seems that most everyone treats tomorrow or even next year as if we are guaranteed to get there…well sorry to burst your bubble but we’re not! 446 more words


Is it time for you?

I am not speaking of the end of your life, I am speaking to your heart and the question is, “Is it time to make a decision about what you believe and Who you believe in?” It can be argued that nobody want to make this decision in today’s world. 523 more words


Why all of the fuss?

It seems that every day I hear about more disgruntled people being disenfranchised in one way or another. Marginalized by society or insulted because of some post on social media or a news program. 683 more words


Success in failure

You might want to ask me “How does that work?”. Success in this life, as many people see it today, means that you are successful…period. You have graduated from school, whether it is high school or college or even medical school, you have made it. 898 more words


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This speaks to all of us who need it. Today, at this time, we need Him.

God LOVES you!

There is no way that I could improve on this message. Amen. 10 more words


A tribute to Mom

Mother’s are the first person that we ever hear speaking to us, even before we are born.
Mother is the person, in many children’s lives, who personifies the qualities of God. 253 more words