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It's a Sign

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Dorothy Parker, best known for her smart-mouthed wisecracking poety and one-liners, was a poet, writer, critic and satirist.  Here’s a couple of examples: 441 more words


Spirit to spirit!

The reason most people don’t hear from God is they’re listening only with their ears & mind. Guidance comes from The Holy Spirit to our spirit. 426 more words

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If you’re living someplace where you can’t openly follow Jesus, get out of there.

Jesus never told us to stay where God’s Word wasn’t welcome. On the contrary – Jesus told us not only to leave such places but to shake the dust off our feet as a warning. 472 more words


Demons are on the move these days.

Where God and Jesus are not welcome, demons rush in.

Spiritual migration is not a topic that you’ll ever hear about in the mainstream media, but it should be headlining every news source on Earth. 607 more words


One day, Jesus went for a walk and never went home again.

OK – technically he did go back to Nazareth for a few hours, when he read the passage from Isaiah in the synagogue and outed himself as the Messiah. 331 more words


I often think about Jesus teaching in the synagogues and market places. Those in attendance wanted to be there; it wasn’t like religion class or Sunday school, where most are in attendance because they’re obligated to be there. 731 more words


In the surveillance state, every word you speak is being recorded either by your own or someone else’s devices. These data are then filed via voiceprint recognition for future use. 614 more words