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What are you hunting for? Do you know what trophy you want? It is the fall hunting season. Everyone prepares for their trophy. Are you preparing or procrastinating.? 35 more words

God's Way

Daily Prompt: Underground for WWOW

What happens underground will soon push through to be found. I was attending our intercessory prayer meeting on Saturday and this perfect picture came through. One of the members was taking care of the flowers. 65 more words

Inspired Gratitude

When reason runs out

Since my move from New York a few months ago, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.  Big surprise to those who know me, I know…  I won’t go into all the details, but in summation, my pondering has dwelt mostly on trying to make sense of my present and failing, so instead, thinking of my future and what I want it to look like.  524 more words

Daily Prompt: Waiting and Wy's Eyes

Sometimes God will give us a camera’s eye view of why He tells us that waiting is not in vain if we consider and delight in His Word. 73 more words


A Tale of Three Kings – Chapter 13

The Mars Hill staff is in a series of devotionals drawn from the book, A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards. We share highlights from the book each week, but we invite you to get a copy and read along with us. 522 more words


Jesus takes that profound truth”You can not take it with you” and adds a stunning qualification. He tells us to store up treasures for ourselves in heaven and this is what is called the Treasure  Principle–YOU CAN NOT TAKE IT WITH YOU—BUT YOU CAN SEND IT ON AHEAD.

God's Way

When God Calls, Answer (1 Samuel 1-3)

Saturday, October 8

Shelby Upton

It is so easy to get lost in our understanding and planning sometimes. We forget just how little a scope we have on life and forget that God’s ways are not our ways and don’t trust what He is doing. 194 more words

I Samuel