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the number of fans to our station has once again began to grow thank you thank you thank you.

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it is MONDAY!

first of the week means refreshed programs! Well at least here at I am the voice radio it dose anyway.


Be blessed Pastor Rick

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How to Live in this Good Earth

Music is a sacrament.~ Bono

For the Christian, pleasure is innocent until proven guilty. ~ Tim Keller

All of us at various times in our lives come to a place where we notice something almost sacramental, rich, and holy about the experience of listening to music of Beethoven or Mozart.

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the new us


this the new web address for i am the voice radio we have gone to the pro level thanks to all of you for your support

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Red Tip Hedges and Red Bud Trees

Every year in Spring the large Red Tip hedge out in the front yard puts on its beautiful red leaves, which is the new growth for the year.   146 more words

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Ah, The Moon Is Out Tonight

There is a song sung by the Flamingos back in the 1950s called, “I Only Have Eyes For You.”  The second and third verses go like this: “I don’t know if its cloudy or bright.   124 more words


the new us and you

this is the new web address for the new i am the voice radio aka his word radio.


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