Awaken Arise and come Forth

My thoughts on, why, all around the globe, little pockets of awakened peoples are bravely arising and coming forth to smash a hole in the smothering blanket of so called, ‘political correctness’ in a revolt to retain their freedoms to enjoy, the identity, customs, culture, and unique way of doing things in their own country. 380 more words


Unconditional Acceptance


“Of course

there is no formula

for success except,


an unconditional acceptance

of life and what it brings.”

~ Arthur Rubinstein 92 more words

Life Is

Life in a battlefield.

You might be thinking about the war zones of Germany, Iraq, or Afghanistan. But if talking about the battlefield that Christians live through everyday. If you are a Christ follower you know what I’m saying, if your not, well then you have no idea what I am referring to. 101 more words

God's World

Together in Blood

A word of caution to my tender-hearted animal loving friends: pictures of chicken butchery will be found below. (Although there’s a good deal more pictures that can’t be shown.) 482 more words

God's World

Through Joy

“Begin today.

Declare out loud

to the universe

that you are willing

to let go of struggle

and eager to learn

through joy.” 88 more words


Intangibles ...

Unthinkable! … Like shootin’ Ol’ Yeller.

Last week we sold the Growing Up House, as we call it—the place we about promised (okay, planned) for our kids to grow up in. 437 more words

God's World

Grace for the Next Thing

Sunday we said good-bye.

That’s farewell to Faith Bible Church, the church that found us nine years ago when we were younger and vulnerable and looked terrible on paper. 572 more words

God's World