Living In God's World

Well it is another day and I am happy and blessed to be living on this planet at this time in history. As I said in an earlier post the Christian is to live with a prayerful attitude and part of this is acknowledging that the world we live in is God’s world and keeping this ever in mind as we go through our day, being thankful and in awe of the things of this life instead of abusing everything we come in contact with as if we owned the world. 712 more words

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Swiftly Flow The Days

I have watched the movie, “Fiddler On The Roof,” many times.  I think of the song in that movie, “Sunrise, sunset.”   The chorus begins , Sunrise, Sunset, swiftly flow the days. 98 more words

God's World

Our Planet Earth

When I took this picture, of the sun shining on this spider web the other day, I could not believe the beautiful colors.  Each time I see something this beautiful on planet earth I know in my heart and my soul that God created this fantastic world.   19 more words

God's World

here we go again!

this time billing problems keeps us off the air.will be back let you know when i am the voice radio

Gods World

Beautiful Moon

A Beautiful moon,
Shining on the dunes,
Silver sand,
Waves rolling into land.
A Crisp night breeze.
These things my senses please.



thank you thank you

the number of fans to our station has once again began to grow thank you thank you thank you.

rick /i am the voice radio

Gods World

it is MONDAY!

first of the week means refreshed programs! Well at least here at I am the voice radio it dose anyway.


Be blessed Pastor Rick

Gods World