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Gods or Superpowered Douchebags? #Bookreview~ Champions: At Fire's End by @charlottejain

Our Gods Are Superpowered Douchebags…

In my first year at University, my history teacher started with a lecture on ancient mythology. Now I admit it was a Monday, and early in the day at that so I might have missed some of the detail. 2,052 more words



Asexuality, Spirituality, and Queerness (for May 2016’s Carnival of Aces)

When I was a kid, I had very strong opinions about romance and sex, and those opinions basically boiled down to GROSS. 941 more words


Immutable Tears

A god deposed /  do the tears flow from your eyes?

Head resting on the ground / sorrow at our parting?

No more adoration/  the heat of passion is now cool indifference, but… 114 more words


Discuss Virgil's representation of the gods in the Aeneid with reference to the plot of the epic.

Williams writes in his chapter on religion on the gods that “The Aeneid is essentially a religious poem.”[1] The gods of intrusion and interest in human actions in the Aeneid are irreplaceable as central to the plot in Virgil’s epic as Homer’s similar epics and the gods in books I and IV are crucial for the forward movement of the plot, for example Jupiter sending Mercury in book IV to remind Aeneas of his ultimate goal, the shores of Italy. 1,716 more words


Wenut -- Go Team!

A new lesson is on my horizon and a new teacher come forward to help me. I am blessed to have so many that would come to help me better myself. 315 more words



This is a war — the invisible gods

Fight against each other

In the skies above our heads,

While we persist

Only to perish

Down here on the little

Planet Earth


Poetry & Lyricism

Daily Bread : Take Me Home


Take Me Home

Jesus Christ will one day come back in great glory—as King. Are you looking for Him?

“And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. 228 more words