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Demophoön and Phyllis, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The Tree of Forgiveness, Edward Burne-Jones (1882)

Demophoön and Phyllis, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Pledged to return as thee sailed with the wind
Daily watch the tides waiting thy return… 98 more words

Finding Beauty


The Creator of the Universe. Omnipotent, Omnisceint, Omnibenevolent. His Name is unknowable yet graven on every atom. Good teeth, nice smell, a class act all the way. 11 more words




Loading automatic

Ballet into each round,

Atlas strained his back

And (forwards pistoning

Erect with forked tongue)

His turgid phrases dripped

Glistening into our laps… 14 more words


Talon's Point of the Day - May 19th, 2018 "Idols of Another Name"

I passed by a car show today and caught a glimpse of all the usual activities, people milling around, owners expounding about something about the vehicle or polishing some spot that’s not perfectly shiny and it struck me. 224 more words

Point Of The Day

Córdoba: My mouth is a Moorish gate

My mouth is
a Moorish gate
of rhinestones and piercings and spikes.


Pot Luck

Food and dream-food and food from the Otherworld have been on my mind of late, amongst other things. I think those of us trying to come out of the shadow of the Enlightenment and the mind-body split lose sight of how food and drink is very much a fixture of the spirit world and for spirits. 2,149 more words


Episode 48: Killer Or Protector Of Children?

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In the nature, protecting and feeding the younger generation is the natural instinct of most animals and human beings. It seems normal if you see a lion mom feeding her cub with a baby antelope. 201 more words