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Messing With The Stars

So I may have done something a little bit stupid. But I was bored. It was bound to happen eventually. I mean I am the goddess of the stars and I should be allowed to do whatever the heck I want. 3,645 more words


Mau Goddess Bastet

I believe the Egyptians were on to something when they acknowledged the cat (Felis silvestris catusas) as a god. Bastet, a half human and half cat, is the closest representation in Egyptology to the Christian god YHWY. 59 more words


The Ghost - Gods Laptop Backpack

Purchased the new GHOST-GODS LAPTOP BACKPACK, here is my impression of it:

  • The product is really good, I ordered the backpack from Amazon with fast delivery and it arrived the next day.
  • 163 more words
First Impression

Rogue God

Anton Keymas is part of a magical Special Forces, the Vai, and blessed by a party goddess. His mission? Hunt monsters that no one believes in any more and try not to get killed. 101 more words


The Autumn Arc - Day 2 - The Peruvian Shaman

The moon god dreamt…

Thomas felt strange, his vision was clouded and he was sweating profusely. He’d woken up from a nightmare about a strange and scary tree that ate people. 260 more words


God of the Month: Minerva

Often conflated with Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Minerva is uniquely Roman. Adapting various aspects of the Etruscan Goddess Menrva, the Romans regarded Minerva as the Goddess of War and the Goddess of Wisdom. 328 more words


Gods And Demons Pdf

Tales of Demons and Gods, EPUB and PDF Download. Yao Shen Ji Yêu Thần Ký 06/02/2017 When I saw the first episodes of Tales of Demons and Gods light novel, my preliminary reaction was “My God, it’s Pokédoll.” The entire idea of players The Demonic Bible by Magus Tsirk Susej, Antichrist Servant & Disciple of the Dark Lord death, began to imagine hideous gods and demons all about him. 401 more words