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Humans should not fear death,

for we caused it in the first place.

Death fears nothing,

nor does it bow to any vestibule of fate. 36 more words

Lesson 105 Assignment - Ethical behavior of Olympian Gods vs. Jesus

The Ancient Greek’s had a very dissimilar view about their Gods compared to the later followers and practitioners of Christianity. Hellenistic Literature had always portrayed the Olympian Gods as constant threats that would strike down any with the utmost wrath if they did not offer them the proper sacrifices and rituals, especially Zeus. 381 more words


The Water Dragon's Bride, Vol.1-3

The ART is super killer on this manga… I know I say that A LOT (what can I say, I’m drawn to beautiful things…) But unlike a book, the art carries in to the inside… And WOW is it compelling… Plus there are gods, young men and history… Come see… 1,597 more words

Book Reviews

The less love there is, the more the Gods hunger

From their heights the Gods reach down into the ocean of humanity and feel the warmth of love. We know that the Gods lack something when man does not live in love. 40 more words


Deity or Duped?

Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves.” – Matthew 7:15

While I hate quoting the Bible for personal reasons I won’t share as to not offend anyone, that sentence rings true for me in every way. 829 more words

Academy of Magic

The most recent release in the Dragon’s Gift series, Academy of Magic strengthens the plot of Bree, the Unknown. Two weeks have passed, similar to the release of this book since the last book, Undercover Magic.   462 more words

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