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Church at Thyatira


Rev. 2:18-29


It has the features of the firmly established church in that it is not only a church, but also a state. It was the least important church. 414 more words


The misinterpreted words of rabbi Yeshua: a commentary on John 10:34

Only simple minds would belittle our Savior’s complex words. Very often, rabbi Yeshua’s words are despised and disregarded in the world of unbelievers.

I’ve also seen believers who are just content with their pastor or rabbi’s interpretation of Yeshua’s words. 629 more words

Yeshua Is Lord

Creation of a Realm Pt. 2

Gods, Gods and more Gods!

So now that I have a basic idea of this new realm of Astara. I am moving on to more divine pursuits. 1,398 more words


A Polemical Flourish:

“If cattle and horses and lions had hands, and could paint with their hands and accomplish work like men, horses would paint the gods in the image of horses, cattle of cattle, and they would each shape the bodies of gods in the shape of their own.” 6 more words


Odin or, depending upon the dialect Woden or Wotan, was the Father of all the Gods and men. Odin is pictured either wearing a winged helm or a floppy hat, and a blue-grey cloak. 361 more words



Eons before mankind hung men who claimed to be gods on trees. Millennia before gods made games of men, stealing their land and women, birthing beasts and demi gods. 1,616 more words