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Aliens, Gods and their pets


  • Are we the pets of an almighty Alien or God?
  • Are you a pet owner?
  • Do you treat your pet well?
  • Do you expect your pet to pray for forgiveness when it wets to carpet or sing your praises night and morning?
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The Birth of the Form of Death, Life and the Essence that Balances Them Both

At the start, there seemed to be nothing. There was only a darkness, called the Kulous. And suddenly, another lump of barely noticeable darkness was forming. 440 more words

Short Story

Avalon 3.9: part 2 of 5, The Gods Stop By

Boston lifted her happy face and shouted in her best elf voice which echoed around the whole camp and shot off into the wilderness. “Father Mingus, hurry up. 1,080 more words


In the Beginning 

The reason the Son of ‘God appeared was to destroy the devils’ work (1 John 3:8)

In he beginning, God created man by speaking to Himself. 195 more words

Daily Values

Water - a life giving element

Water, giver of life

Water, is a great necessity, without it nothing can live. Only earth and water can bring forth a living soul. Such is the greatness of water that spiritual regeneration cannot be done without it. 332 more words

Nigel Borrington

The Wicked + The Divine leads the charge of the new gods

In The Wicked + The Divine, gods become incarnate every ninety years. They live for two years and then they die. Set in modern day London, creators Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie have their gods embodied as pop stars; after all, who receives more adoration in our culture? 414 more words