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You used to be children; why is this worse? Why at seventeen or eighteen did your pain seem somehow lesser, or at least easier to bear, than at thirty or forty? 111 more words


Quote of the Week

Think of as symbols – we’re the dream that humanity creates to make sense of the shadows on the cave wall…

– from American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Gods of Karthus

Karthus has a traditional pantheon that is broadly worshiped.  Most of the populace follow one of the Gods primarily but usually still honor the others on their respective holy days and celebrations.   227 more words

The shadow of God, the Death of Man: An investigation into the Kings of the Ancient Near East.

The ancient kings of the Near East moved as Gods. Whether divinely sanctioned as king vicegerent in the Mesopotamian empires of Persia and Assyria, or the living form of the God ‘Horus’ in Egypt, they exercised absolute authority. 2,724 more words

Everything to Everyone

Today I was talking with someone about Sekhmet. About who she is to me and what she could be. After thinking on things I was reminded that we are all connected. 187 more words

Morning Star

You were as beautiful as the stars you set out to create,
And the cords from the harp you created sang to you,
Even as you fell from the highest forms of grace. 209 more words


Better Yet

Secure the latch on the door
I’ll not be going out again today
Light my way down the dark corridors
of yesterday & tomorrow
to avoid repeating the same old mistakes… 63 more words