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Come back after Easter time

The night is still young and the girls are done getting ready.

The old whores drunk, while your friends are still only smoking.

And in the middle of this hundred meter city, 66 more words


We were gods once

the words that we uttered
the words that we screamed
are the words we spoke
in our darkest dreams
the armor was thin
our skin was broken… 56 more words

Poetry And Thoughts


The gods saw man
Weak in his mortality

They pitied him

Thus they taught
Sending knowings
And gifts
On the wind
Telling of the approaches of beasts… 84 more words


Complete Unverified Opinions

There is a lot of mesh between the female Eye goddesses. They are fluid, moving in and out of their forms as if liquid was poured from one glass to another. 197 more words


Odd Spells



Whispering Grass



Son of Zeus Part 32: Dogs of The North

Hercules took a great looping route around the lake to make sure he was not attacked by the birds as he did not want to have to defend himself and give Ares an excuse to rage against him again. 801 more words