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May Writing Challenge Day 22

Here is todays prompt :) Use Lyrics from a song to inspire a story.

the song I chose is End of Me by A Day to Remember… 384 more words

May Writing Challenge

Prophecy: Efrain Rodriguez - Puerto Rico Asteroid, East Coast Tsunami

Pro-Christian viewpoint. Follow-up to my last post 9/24 Doom: East Coast Tsunami, Predictive Programming & Fresh Water.

From the Youtube description: Prophet Efrain Rodriguez had vision of asteroid which hit near Puerto Rico. 51 more words


Lord and Savior Flavor

Your god is so special
oh, yes, your god is so different
only your god listens?
millions and millions and millions got it wrong?
but oh my, yours was right all along? 90 more words


Sansheng, Death Exists Not at the River of Oblivion by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

Sansheng, Sansheng…

I can finally give you forever.

<3 <3

Once in a while I will be posting novels that I have read and definitely liked. 183 more words


Ghosts and Me

The first time I watched the whole world burn was from the safety of your mama’s porch
in the breadth of all your strength and warmth… 581 more words


Breaking the Narrative

One of the best and worst things about being a creator is having the privilege of seeing how your creations grow after their birth. When I take the time to craft a post, I never know exactly how my new “child” will grow after I hit the publish button. 2,350 more words


The Unfinished Story Of A Cast Down God.

Drink my beer, drink my ale,
Sit back and listen to my tale.
Its a story of a young god, turned to man,
From the magic of revenge’s hand. 124 more words