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Sunburnt Skies-Part 3: Redemption

The remnants, the stragglers, all those without a home, they waited for a prophet to be delivered from the sea: I was that man. Like Jonah, the charcoaled ocean disgorged me on a scorched shore, more glass than sand, yet land nonetheless. 373 more words


So...this shit's piling up and there's too much to write about...

I don’t post stuff every day let alone once a week. Meeting people and dealing with people happen so frequently theideaof writing it all down is fucking exhausting. 174 more words


When last we saw our champions...

After helping put Melissa on the throne of Emerisia, the champions of Tarra’s pantheon were put in a trance-like state through her memories, reliving their lives from ascension and birth to the coup that banished them to Tarra as mortals. 26 more words


CERN: The Year Of Light And The Halls Of Hell by Truth Shock TV

This is a 50 minute video, as seen from a Christian perspective. For other viewpoints, search this blog for CERN. I’ve got a bunch of them. 67 more words


Thoughts on Patron Deity (or the lack thereof)

I was sent a link today, because I had recently been lamenting that I don’t hear the God-phone ring.  I don’t feel the poke of a god or goddess, or, honestly, any supernatural entity.  381 more words



Long ago (I mean, not crazy long ago or anything..) I was a young girl of 14. And I fell in deep, crazy ‘like” with a boy – a boy of 16 – who sported a 90s tail in his hair, a wardrobe comprised of mainly Chicago Bulls merchandise, and a goofy grin. 768 more words


Such as they
Such as we
Old gods turn
On twisted boards
Wearing new faces
Hiding true souls
Such as they
Such as we

Proper proportion… 53 more words