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Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. Review 

‘They were so nearly unchanged, and yet that one thing – the colour of their skin – would, in the real world, change everything.’

Holy smokes, a book hasn’t made me feel this way for so long! 402 more words


13+1 Examples of: Infinite Cosmic Power...!!!

A request appeared on the Hero System FB page and I contributed a Few Ideas (see below) but as I decided it might be fun to go more in depth with the power selections this also started a deep think about what if anything Cosmically powered characters should and could do. 276 more words

A Poem on the Widening Wealth Gap

Kings and Gods


Worthless creatures.

They reap

The rewards of the poor man’s

Labor.  Yet,

They refuse to rule, rather

They grow fat in their palaces, 180 more words


TDP- Locked in a Time Room

I was cut off, a curse from the Silent Fathers, as they imprisoned me inside a single moment.  I watched as my wife and children grew old and left me, all the while they thought I was dead, but no.   23 more words


Of Gods Past and Present

When I was a child, gods were everywhere.

My mother would spend most of her waking hours with them – chanting prayers, singing hymns, preparing things for pooja or performing it. 966 more words


From the Diary of 'Kvizee' Doug in Blog Form: ENTRY 52


Utcoozhoo said, “Well, it’s been charming to meet you Chloë … Doug, I have to get going. Just get me some scuba catalogs, and some books on how to scuba dive. 391 more words