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Nebet Het's Rage, Nebet Het's Pormi

Nebet Het’s Rage, Nebet  Het’s Promise

by Chelsea Luellon Bolton

I am the Hidden One

I am She Who is Hidden,

I am Nebet Het… 364 more words


The Blood Must Flow

Once you start practicing autosacrifice, I’ve found that it’s very difficult to stop. I’ve never had spirits remind me that I need to make an offering of something quite as forcefully or reliably as when blood is concerned. 431 more words


ode to the lamia in me (a ross gay imitation poem)

There is a lamia in me

the scales of whose

tail are so slick

they could slip

through your fingers

with a throat

so sinewy you… 253 more words


And The Band Played On, Until We Left The Building

Spun from the old world to the new

I see the gods standing on a mountain top

staring into space, playing jazz

and dictating the creation of the universe. 538 more words



Across the city the electricity yearns to touch
each trembling soul and I awake
in the middle of the night to tremble, shake
within my very core this deep earthquake… 109 more words


Experiencing God's promises in your life

Understanding and experiencing God’s promises in your life


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