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Weekly Poem #110

The Madman and the Merman

He stood ankle-deep in stranger-blood

Arms arced to widen his cape’s reach

And he laughed an echoing laugh.

A cackle which rattled the throne room… 505 more words


The Pyramid

The Pyramid (2014)

Genre: Horror, Thriller

This film was so promising but it failed to deliver. It is a horror, I can’t argue with that, but I was not scared at all. 187 more words


Do Not Try To Disapprove God's Existance

The conversation wether or not God exists is one which many of us have had, but rather not get involved in since it is easy to offend someone if you say something wrong. 399 more words


An Introduction to Xhosa Myths

Today I started the day thinking that I would write an entry about something from Greek Myths. Maybe something about affairs of Zeus or the war of gods with Titans. 499 more words


Reinhard Keiser: Pomona

If you’re looking to get into opera, this fairly simple piece is a good place to start. We suspect opera buffs would dismiss it as lightweight froth; the Review Corner doesn’t particularly warm to opera yet we’ve enjoyed it. 235 more words

#283 - Hera Writes a Letter to Zeus...

…regarding the time he has not been spending around the house.

To my fearsome King of Gods,

This is your wife writing you.  You do remember you have one, right? 

303 more words

Take a picture,
Fix it up,
Remove any semblance of touch,
Bitter tears and sourer smiles,
Remembrance of man once loved,
We fear living more than we fear death, 93 more words

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