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Zwei: The Arges Adventure is Headed to PC

For gamers, it’s been a pretty busy day. Nintendo has announced a lot of smash-hit returns, Dark Souls: Remastered has been announced, and there’s even this big news here. 290 more words



I am convinced if we would keep all of God’s commands to walk in them, walk in his statutes, and execute his judgments, he will perform his word with us. 1,092 more words

The One with the Two Horns

Dhul-Qarnayn is a title, meaning the one “with two horns”. What the actual name of Dhul-Qarnayn was, or when and where he lived, is not certain, although people have equated Dhul-Qarnayn to several historical figures without any convincing evidence. 514 more words


Download all GOG Games 4 free

Holy crap – that was the first what come to my mind when I found the link! Every GOG game 4 free – yes it’s real I mean the entire GOG Catalog! 165 more words


Quickpost: GOG Winter Sale 2017

Ha ha, that’s right! I just made a new kind of post just because I wanted to! The miracles of blogging!

If you haven’t heard, GOG, or Good Old Games, a service that sales older PC games and newer ones, all DRM free, is having it’s winter sale starting today (At least I think it started today.) So many great deals! 302 more words


Free Holiday Games

Lots of free games going out this year to promote sales. GoG is giving out the classic adventure game Grim Fandango. If you have never played Grim you need to pick that up RIGHT NOW! 71 more words


GOG.com Winter Sale begins, offers chance at random games

The end of this year saw a torrent of complaints being thrown at lootboxes and the publishers/devs selling them. During the controversy over Star Wars Battlefront II… 277 more words