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By the beard of Zeus, GOG is having a 96 hour insomnia sale!

GOG are at it again! The 96 hour insomnia sale is in full swing. Be sure to grab some coffee and mix it with redbull. The deals are slightly different to the last time they ran this deal. 37 more words

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GOG Double Insomnia Sale 2015

Taking a short break from reviews, here’s some brandnew piece of info about the craziest sale of the year from GOG with its DoubleInsomnia Sale… 195 more words



What infrastructure componets are most important for providing inflight internet connectivity? How to the requirements differ between GOGO and Row 44?

The infrastructure components that are most important for providing inflight internet connectivity are phrased array antennas and ground stations to connect their users in the air. 273 more words


Grim Fandango

Version tested: PC Windows 

Other platforms: PSN

Classic adventure title Grim Fandango made a return to modern systems last month with Double Fine releasing a remastered edition. 322 more words


Remakes: "Grim Fandango: Remastered" (PC, PS Vita)

Remakes or remastered versions of classic games can both be a blessing and a curse with one alienating fans of the original and the other being too faithful without any originality. 1,899 more words


Tempête Apocalyptique en Irak

“Une tempête effrayant provoque panique parmi les personnes près de la mer» est la légende ci-dessus en Portugais.

Une tempête incroyable a montré la force de la nature dans une ville irakienne, et impressionné des milliers de personnes dans le monde.

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Troisième Prophétie contre Gog

Ezéchiel a documenté trois prophéties contre Gog et Magog par oracles du Père du Ciel. Enfants de Dieu croient aux oracles, mais les athées peuvent se moquer les oracles, bien que cette prophétie est assez graphique.

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