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Putin Creates New 'Young Army' That Draws Comparison To Nazi Germany's Hitler Youth • Now The End Begins

Web critics drew parallels to the Hitler Youth and feared a rise in militarization under Putin, but Russian defence officials insisted it is about raising a generation of children ready to build a bright future for themselves and their country. 19 more words


Dungeon Keeper: Demonic Memories of the PC Masterpiece

Video games are for reprobates, but the odd didactic gem does slip through the net to feed the imaginations of the latest parolees. Dungeon Keeper is one such depraved batch of loveliness from a genre a lot of people would be surprised to find enlightening and fulfilling: strategy games. 681 more words

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“My Relationship with Jesus Christ”

The title of this article is a quote from more than one Christian extremist. The latest was a woman who refused to cater her long time friend’s wedding because he and his intended were a same-sex couple. 509 more words

Steam Gift Bundles! Excited! Toubleshooting!

Gooooood Morning/Noon/After Noon/Evening, kids!

So, my long time gaming buddy and online-turned-RL friend was thoughtful enough to gift me games in steam :D. I’ve been going through some tough times and, well, I mean yeah they’re just games and stuff but seriously he knew it’d make my day and he knew I’d been eyeing Darkstar for a while (A few years.) now. 360 more words

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Gog thinking… — Terry James Prophecy Line

Vladimir Putin seems to wield uncontested power at a time when all prophetic signs seem to be converging. There is little observable opposition to his power-brokering and manipulations, either officially or unofficially. 84 more words