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This emperor needs to stay buried in his tomb

As you might know, GOG has been releasing a bunch of old Lucasarts games lately. Their latest wave came out yesterday, and included masterpieces such as Loom (TM) and some other stuff not made by Brian Moriarty. 431 more words

Game release: "Oceanhorn - Monster of Uncharted Seas" (PC)

If looks and sounds are all which counts, then Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas might come from Nintendo and not Cornfox & Bros.

It’s pretty difficult to be original in these days with so many genres having been tackled in one way or another, but this action-RPG-platformer-mix is without a doubt very reminiscent of the classic… 305 more words


LucasArts uses Games on GOG.com, Finally Solves Puzzle It Was Stuck On For Days

Point-and-click adventures are some of the earliest examples of gamers utilising trial and error. Which key will unlock the door to the castle? Which item does the witch need, given her cryptic and vague hints? 201 more words


Some readers of the articles First Prophecy against Gog, Second Prophesy against Gog and Third prophecy against God have asked me if PSALM 83 will be fulfilled prior the Prophecies against Gog.

222 more words

Roadmap 2

   The Beast Series

The Beast

The Numbering

The Metallic Mind

Roadmap 1The Gog and Magog Series

TimeSome Reflections

Author can be contacted by email: … 10 more words



Brief notes and observations on the 666 designation.

This, plus Har Mageddon, are supporting pages (prelude) for the main Gog and Magog series (starting with “ 2,400 more words