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Does privacy matter online anymore?

There has been some fundamental changes to our overall vision and intended project investigation in light of some specific feedback we received. One of the reasons for our change was defamation, and a conflict of interest in an attempt to ‘google bomb’. 314 more words

Web 2.0

Thoughts to drive us - We are little kids and its ok

One afternoon, my four-year-old daughter picked up her mom’s phone and sent me a text message that had about fifteen letter g’s, ten letter l‘s, and twelve letter  128 more words


Thoughts to drive us - We are "but dust"

We are dust – earthy and humble, finite and temporal…We live on borrowed breath. We are alive in the most profound sense of the word – filled with the very breath that spoke creation into being. 50 more words


The Election – Some Congratulations and Some Thoughts

First, congratulations to Todd Kaminsky. Please deliver on your promises to LB.  And, to quote you, keep your corners square.

Second, congratulations to Corey Klein. You outhustled and outspent Ted Hommel, showing a do or die dedication to the election.   177 more words

Week 8 - How Mobile Phones Are Changing Our World

Being a male, there is a procedure that I go through every time I leave from or for somewhere. Check my front left pocket for my keys, back pocket for my wallet and front right for my phone. 678 more words


Material Practice

This week we read sections from Maureen Daly Goggin and Beth Fowkes Tobin’s edited collection Women and the Material Culture of Needlework and Textiles 1750-1950 (2009). 732 more words

Rhetorics Of Craft

New research into Disability and Digital Television: Access and Representation

By guest writer Dr KATIE ELLIS

According to Beth Haller, Towson University journalism/ new media professor and curator of the blog Media Dis&Dat, ‘disability information may finally get some of the attention it deserves’ as a result of disability focused publications on the web and the social media participation of people with disability. 885 more words