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Hi everyone, I’m Matt. I am a freshmen here at LU studying criminal justice. For my going green project I am going to stop buying and throwing away plastic water bottles. 49 more words

Eco Tip of the Week: Reusable Mug!

This series comes to us courtesy of  Kenyon ECO ( Environmental Campus Organization). 

We know, you’ve heard it before: bring a reusable mug to Peirce to avoid wasting paper cups.   202 more words


A Way of Life

I grew up in the country. My dad was a truck driver, my mom a homemaker. I am the 4th of 6 children in my family. 287 more words

Goin' Green

An introduction...

I am a typical wife and mother, living in small town America. I am 20 years happily married and my husband, David and I have 3 children. 145 more words

Goin' Green

Latest global warming scare: internet & power disruptions

Not satisfied with scaring you about oceans rising, glaciers melting, more powerful hurricanes, droughts, floods, famine, cats & dogs living together, the global warming cultists have more doom & gloom in store because of “climate change” – internet and power disruptions. 246 more words

BIG Government

Ethanol is ruining small engines

The ethanol controversy (more here) is heating up again as the EPA announced a mandate last fall to increase the amount of ethanol in gasoline from 10% to 15% ( 771 more words

BIG Government

Government wants to regulate icemakers (sigh)

Remember the “old” refrigerators before ice makers? You had those 2 ice trays that you had to keep refilling and you never had enough ice if you had more than 3 people at a party. 523 more words

BIG Government