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Going Bananas...!

The high-pitched ear-piercing sound of the food processor being used incessantly, filled the air in the last three days, as the ice-cream making bug kept me anchored in the kitchen. 311 more words


Dear Disney... can you please help bilingual kids in the US and add more languages to your DVDs?

As kids reach the preschool age, they become interested in Disney stories. To maintain our children’s’ interest in the minority languages, German and Romanian in our case, we’ve exposed our them to non-English Disney cartoons. 189 more words

Going Bananas

Robin Without A Towel

I’m not in charge here. I suggested we install a towel rack on the bird bath but nooooo – my brother vetoed the idea.


One-Banana Problem

Sometimes at the park your plastic banana just gets away from you.

April 23, 2017. Maryland.


Rage Against The Machine's 'Killing In The Name' Performed On Children's Instruments

Rage Against The Machine is the latest band to be covered with a childish twist. French band The Wackids performed the iconic hit song “Killing In The Name” in an unexpected way for their latest “Rock N’ Toys” session. 149 more words


The Chemistry Behind Alcohol Explaining How Do People Get Drunk

Many of us already know how powerful is the alcohol and what it can do to the human brain. But do any of us know the chemistry behind alcohol that gets us drunk? 98 more words


Anything Can Happen Day

You might want to Copy and Paste this somewhere for future reference:

One cannot explain how or why, that, from time to time, this type of cerebral detritus burbles up from the subconscious mind but, bemusingly, it never-the-less does. 77 more words

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