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Housing Allowances : Who Gets and Doesn't Get a Mortgage

I cannot, for the life of me, get us approved for a VA home loan. It just amazes me. I became a United States Marine. I served two tours in Iraq. 1,042 more words

Going Broke

New T-Shirt and Treats


New Hamburger T-shirt from Victoire Boutique!

They also sent a cute shopper tote.

Will definitely be ordering from them again.



The Big Tip; a cheesy seduction (100th post)

My Customer leaned on the frame of the open doorway in front of me wearing nothing but a smile and a pink thong.  She was attractively built with boobs standing at attention as best they could for a woman her age.  1,038 more words

James Force

Health over Wealth ?

So I am going for broke. Never been in this type of bind in my life, to smaller degrees yes, but not like this, where I am truly going to be fucked if I don’t make something budge here. 1,582 more words

🚽 Flush

Foot Stool Culinary

Watching you cook is like watching someone take a shit on a poem by Maya Angelou.  When you adorn the toque worn by so many creative, intuitive culinary artists its like watching someone jack off into the shroud of Turin; a blasphemy of the highest order.  126 more words


Why is it my company can put millions into remodeling all of its stores, but can’t give any of its employees enough hours to enjoy the new paint?


Quest for an apartment!

Strawberry and I are getting an apartment together soon ^_^ and there’s been a lot of serious talk about our future and what nots…. all is well lately, I’ve been crazy busy with life a lot lately and it’s growing tiresome but I’m hanging in there!!