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Donald Trump Admits He Never Wears Underwear

Freed Willy City, New York.   Donald Trump today shocked the country when he admitted he has traveled the world “commando” style since the mid-seventies.  “It’s SO liberating to have my orange willy-bit flopping about in my trousers, unrestrained by cumbersome underwear, as I go about my busy day hitting on babes and sharing my wisdom and good looks with them,” Mr. 116 more words

Satire And Other Irreverent Humor

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando (also known as R&C 2)
Developed by Insomniac Games
Playstation 2
Released in 2003

Editor’s note: Some screenshots in this review may be from the Playstation 3 remake of the game. 1,730 more words


Clean Underwear

I know my underwear is in there somewhere, nestled gently and warmly at the bottom of the dryer. I can see the dryer, it’s on the top row of a long line of dryers. 1,974 more words


Freedom (part two)

 In one of my recent posts, we talked about the joys (or not) of freeing oneself from the shackles of technology. This post is the same, but with pants. 723 more words

Pantyless in the Street

On a warm summer evening during college, my best friend Kim and I headed for a park to engage in our favorite ritual: chowing down on ice cream while watching people jog. 802 more words

My Week Of Going Without Underwear

by C.J. Asher

I went a week without wearing underwear. This is my story.

Not wearing underwear. Going commando. True Scotsman. Or, as my favorite fictional band Dethklok refers to it as, freeballing: 679 more words

Holiday breakaway 

Even though we don’t leave to go see family for another 36 hours, MrsL has been gracious enough to let my holiday breakaway start early. As I was heading up to bed she followed me and unlocked the Steelheart and told me to leave it off!!! 34 more words