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Alone this evening

Alone this evening, sipping some chilled wine and counting my blessings☀️

Good night beautiful world💋

Women Going Commando

I bet if I asked you to name some celebrities who have stepped out into the public arena with unencumbered genitalia, you could probably name several quite easily. 384 more words


Men Going Commando

There are brave men out there who prefer to allow their twigs and berries to sway freely, without the confines of briefs. Fans of the commando lifestyle say it is more comfortable and completely liberating, but the underwear-clad crowd may argue that it is not very sanitary or dignified. 280 more words


Another Walk by Vivienne

It was an interesting walk. In the morning I left the house naked and walked around with a backpack. Frankly, I’m a little burned out on the sun) Later, I had to return home to throw light dress … and continue my walk. 17 more words