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Still Under Cover

Until two weeks ago we were still under cover. Now many people know that we are Still Under Cover. This is a school band formed two weeks ago on a need basis. 170 more words


Faith and Courage

I left my IT job in 2008 and ventured into freelancing and entrepreneurship. I had no idea about business but I wished I could have a business of my own. 202 more words


Drummer Girl

Three years ago I had spotted a little drummer of 8 years. I waited for three years to get her to drumming and yesterday she proved that she has it in her – the amazing sense of timing. 199 more words


LV's Monday Meanderings... A Day Late :( --But I have a FREE Book for You!

Happy Tuesday, Monday Meanderers! Yesterday was quite an exiting day at the dentist’s office. My mouth is still throbbing from the experience. How was your Monday? 1,064 more words

It's Blessed to Give...

We are living in a world that is becoming more and more individualistic and individualised. It’s the ‘I’ factor that’s taking precedence over the ‘We.’ Commerce and materialism have taken over human values like giving and sharing. 401 more words


Battlefield or Playground

Once in a while I come up with an idea and I was sharing one with my wife and my daughter. She told me to stop thinking and I said that’s the greatest freedom we have and we must use it – to think. 174 more words


Everyone's Beautiful

I was taking my class in class 1 and a girl came up and said, ” Sir you are looking beautiful.” I thanked her and continued with the class. 156 more words