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Passionate or Sexy


this aint for the super saints, its kinda personal…..

¿what does it feel like to make love to your soul mate..good fucking question?

In today’s hook-up culture, many people go on dates, have phone conversations, out for drinks, on lunch dates, out to dinner, often times with the intent of ‘hooking up’ however usually only fulfill an extremely temporary boost in dopamine if the heat of the moment is captured in those fuzzy little feelings which commonly lead to those 7-8 minutes of pleasure with an unsuspecting and or suspecting would be lover. 522 more words

Luck Of The Irish: Going Green in Interior Design

Is green really the color of luck?

” In the Middle Ages, it was believed that green was the color of fairies and other “little people” who didn’t like the idea of sharing it with mere mortals. 349 more words


Case Study: Going green at an oil company


You will read the assigned case discussion and use the questions as a guideline for each submission.  All Case Studies should include an introductory and concluding paragraph, as well as headings. 816 more words

Academic Writing

Environmental Defense Fund Analyzes Future Of Clean Energy Jobs (Video)

Emilygrene Corp. is a proud member of green energy movement. In addition to our energy efficient service solutions for homes and businesses, we consider it our obligation to spread the word about green energy. 249 more words

Emilygrene Corp.

5 Reasons to Automate Processes

According to thesaurus.com, the opposite of automate is humanize. And a like word is robotize. When thinking about automating processes, I don’t really think humans vs. 266 more words


Easy ways to go green

Going green can save you money in the long run, but the up front costs for some might be a deal breaker. I use very few paper towels,  I buy one roll every 2 months maybe. 749 more words