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The car of a brighter future: ELF solar car-bike for driver + 2 kids

“It looks like a micro-car. It rides like an electric-assist bike. The ELF (“electric, light, fun”) is a solar car-bike hybrid that will keep you out of the rain, or from breaking a sweat, and perhaps convince you to jettison your car for all those trips around town (and to get into shape while you’re at it).” – Kirsten Dirksen

Simplicity Inspiration

Feeding chickens meat and food scraps. Sustainable, safe choice?

This week I went to the movies, my neighbors went to baseball spring training and I received my Mother Earth News magazine. And while these three events may not seem related, I felt that the planets have aligned. 944 more words


City of Virginia Beach participating in Earth Hour campaign

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – The City of Virginia Beach is participating in the 2017 Earth Hour campaign for its 11th consecutive year Saturday.

Earth Hour is an opportunity for citizens to do something positive for the environment by taking steps to save energy for one hour. 66 more words


Living Nature

The colour green surrounds us everywhere we look, from the beautiful rich shrubs to my kitchen towel.

It’s a lively colour that speaks of freshness, life, nature, fertility, harmony, new beginnings, and healing. 91 more words

The Daily Post

Getting In The Green

Last year my entire family embarked on overhauling our diet in an effort to live healthier. We worked with a nutritionist for about 4 months making some serious changes to how we ate and what we ate. 210 more words

Going Green

By now you should know that StFX is reconfirming its commitment to sustainability and have started several initiatives to inspire students as well!

Sunday night, StFX turned Meal Hall and Xavier Hall green to kick off the official Sustainability Week and it was captured by our own Snapchat Geofilter (which is only available until Thursday)! 124 more words

Life @ X

It Turns Out Saving Energy Doesn't Take Much Energy

Few terms have the ability to shut people down faster than “going green”. For many, the idea sounds more like converting to a cult, rejecting all things anthropogenic. 747 more words

Eco Challenge