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Lessons in Pumpkins- 10 top tips on growing and storing

Pumpkin growing lessons arrived thick a fast, starting from the multitude of pumpkin seedlings that shot out from anywhere I plonked compost. To the cutting into that first perfectly formed all rounded pumpkin body. 654 more words

Food Glorious Food

Getting Started With Essential Oils

Many people have asked me how to get started with oils. This post should explain it all. As always, definitely feel free to email me with any questions! 510 more words

Essential Oils

energyOrbit Partners with the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility to Track and Monitor Statewide Energy Efficiency Improvements

States like California can really learn a lot from Delaware’s simple but effective energy efficiency move this week. It just became the first state to take advantage of up to 70% productivity savings to better utilize taxpayer money on energy efficiency programs and Demand Side Management operations. 616 more words

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Why Regenerative Braking Works!

Regenerative braking is a mechanism that reduces vehicle speed by converting some of its kinetic energy into another useful form of energy. This captured energy is then stored for future use or fed back into a power system for use by other vehicles. 147 more words


What stays behind

She walks down the street.

She’s rummaging in her shoulder bag.

Despite her not finding what she’s looking for in the endless depths of her humongous purse, something else emerges: 159 more words

Cape Town

House maintenance update . . .

There are a few people reading this who probably remember earlier blogs where I described the house we live in and what challenges we deal with in trying to “go green” with it.  529 more words


Being Green is a luxury

Glass bottles 

Recycled materials 

…are what will save our planet 

but they will cost you.

         Recently I have been paying closer attention to the packaging of things I purchase. 342 more words