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Solar Panels - How they Work and How We Can Use Their Power

One of the best ways homeowners can make a big impact in reducing their carbon footprint and saving energy is by installing solar panels on their roofs. 759 more words

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Mmmm.... coffeeeee.....

One of my very favourite things is coffee. I have been a fairly heavy coffee drinker since back in my VCE days. My husband also loves coffee so we found it easy to justify buying a coffee machine. 645 more words


Meatless Monday: Curried Chick Peas and Rice

If you’re switching to vegetarianism, or just trying to reduce your meat consumption, it’s important to make sure the veggie meals you make are balanced, especially in terms of protein. 279 more words


Toyota Prius Reliability

The Toyota Prius continues to rank high in reliability.  The Prius was first released in Japan in 1997, in 2000 the Prius was available worldwide.  Over 5 million Toyota Priuses have been sold worldwide,  making it the best-selling hybrid vehicle globally.   281 more words

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Benefits of a minimalist wardrobe

Within the past six months or so I have really committed to my journey to zero-waste and minimalism. But before I tell you where I am today, let me start at the beginning…. 610 more words


Trading Harmful Chemicals for Nature

Every since I had my son I try to reduce his exposure to harmful chemicals. This is easier said than done. I tried my best to feed him locally grown foods and super filtered water to drink. 430 more words

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The "Green" word

Following much of anything has never been my thing. Whenever the masses go “to”, I’d naturally go “fro” without much thought. It hasn’t necessarily been because I just have this thing about being a rebel, it’s more about finding my own way, within my own timeframe, with a “Kristine” stamp on it. 1,246 more words