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Planting flower seeds in fall for a glorious garden next year

In my ongoing pursuit of next-to-effortless gardening, this fall I’m taking a cue from Johnny Appleseed. Although Michael Pollan, in his book Cooked, pretty much debunks the legend of a friendly wandering giant sprinkling seeds through the wilderness with little fruit trees sproinging up in his wake, the idea of basically tossing seeds on the ground and then calling it a day greatly appeals to me. 1,230 more words

Native Plants

Context clues: Mark Britt of iflix on what it takes to successfully go native

Inc. Southeast Asia 19 July 2017

What gets this co-founder out of bed in the morning? Piracy, leading the entertainment revolution, and ‘little Raspberry Pis’ tracking Internet telemetry across 10 emerging markets 1,210 more words


Celebrate Canada Part 2 Fab Ferns

This is the second in a series of posts covering very special but easy care plants to grow in honour of Canada’s birthday. Ferns are popular for being equally good at giving a garden a nice touch of swish and authentic wild woodsyness. 1,137 more words

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Small, shade garden ideas with surprising Maidenhair fern

Ferns are having a moment not just because they’re sharing airtime with Zach Galifianakis during his hilarious/shockingly irreverent celebrity interviews on Between Two Ferns. Their general gorgeousness, lush but not overpowering, make them a popular choice for small gardens and many have an impressive hardiness that’s earning them starring roles in high profile places like New York City’s High Line. 687 more words

Native Plants