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Designing plant communities: A new way to garden

“We need plants to be more than just the parsley to the pot roast of our house”, he said. Ok. I’m in.

Thomas Rainer, landscape architect and co-author with Claudia West of… 1,164 more words

Native Plants

#Fridayfictioneers: Going Native

She pointed.  “That’s how long you’ve got.  Make it worth it.”

“It wasn’t my fault–”

She cut him off.  “Bzzt.  Try another one.”

“It wasn’t me!” 138 more words


Harbor Webcam

When I’m stuck inside on a beautiful day, or there’s a raging storm and I want to watch from the safety of my livingroom, or I want to see if anything is coming through the slip, I turn to… 39 more words


In defence of goldenrod

I was riding shotgun with my guy last weekend. As we were flying down a dirt road, he nodded towards the ditch on his side.  It was clogged with tall leafy plants topped with gazillions of tiny yellow flowers. 749 more words

Southern Ontario

The new exotic: Canadian arctic tundra plants

Introducing exotic plants into your garden can be tricky although do-able if you’re into high maintenance gardening or you keep them in containers and bring them inside just before the first frost. 267 more words

Southern Ontario

Into the wild(flowers)

Just as the first wave of blooms in my garden has peaked in late spring, our wildflowers farther to the north are just starting to show. 500 more words

Southern Ontario

somewhere else

On the first of August I am going somewhere else. I am getting on a plane and leaving this town, then I will leave the next town, and the next town, and the next town. 1,112 more words