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The new exotic: Canadian arctic tundra plants

Introducing exotic plants into your garden can be tricky although do-able if you’re into high maintenance gardening or you keep them in containers and bring them inside just before the first frost. 267 more words

Southern Ontario

Into the wild(flowers)

Just as the first wave of blooms in my garden has peaked in late spring, our wildflowers farther to the north are just starting to show. 500 more words

Southern Ontario

somewhere else

On the first of August I am going somewhere else. I am getting on a plane and leaving this town, then I will leave the next town, and the next town, and the next town. 1,112 more words

adjusting - May 29


we wake slowly

go splash in the

waves then return

for a bite of lunch

and nap

afternoon walk

prepares us for

dinner and a mai-tai… 7 more words


Solomon Seal's the deal in shade gardens

Most everyone with a garden has a spot under some trees or along the side of the house where the sun hardly shines and the soil is often (as my endearingly direct guy will sometimes put it) as dry as a popcorn’s fart. 383 more words

Southern Ontario

Wild and crazy wild ginger

Wild ginger appears every spring on a moss-covered boulder just outside the door to our cottage on the Bruce Peninsula. It’s a peculiar plant in many ways so I’m pleased but a little surprised to see it showing up at more and more garden centres here in Southern Ontario. 371 more words

Going Native

Food conquers all

I’ve been very fortunate in my pursuit of peoples’ stories about food – their feelings and memories. One in particular is filling my “bandwidth”, as the kids would say. 489 more words