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Solomon Seal's the deal in shade gardens

Most everyone with a garden has a spot under some trees or along the side of the house where the sun hardly shines and the soil is often (as my endearingly direct guy will sometimes put it) as dry as a popcorn’s fart. 383 more words

Southern Ontario

Wild and crazy wild ginger

Wild ginger appears every spring on a moss-covered boulder just outside the door to our cottage on the Bruce Peninsula. It’s a peculiar plant in many ways so I’m pleased but a little surprised to see it showing up at more and more garden centres here in Southern Ontario. 371 more words

Native Plants

Food conquers all

I’ve been very fortunate in my pursuit of peoples’ stories about food – their feelings and memories. One in particular is filling my “bandwidth”, as the kids would say. 489 more words


Bartender, I'll have a Magnolia, please!

Magnolias in bloom always put me in the mood for swishy dresses, Champagne cocktails and sultry jazz played on a record player. I even get the urge to break out in a pout ala Scarlet O’Hara. 289 more words

Southern Ontario

5 myths about native plants

Why is it that sometimes the things closest to us are the least understood? Here’s a quick myth-busting guide to native plants with some gorgeous options for adding “local colour” to a garden in Southern Ontario. 711 more words

Southern Ontario

2/18: Stephen Wright’s Going Native, Borges’s New Refutation of Time, the Best Kind of Mystery and Cultural Imperialism

#1: Read Stephen Wright’s Going Native, a more recent book billed as a mystery. It’s about 300 pages, and halfway through I thought the genre label had pulled one over on me, but by the end I could see the mystery and it was brilliant. 768 more words

Going native

I’m so far behind with my updates, so I’ll just start out with a nice happening from TODAY! On my way home from training I was asked for directions!! 695 more words