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RIP Caché

I worked at a clothing store…did I ever tell you that? It was a lovely store. And now…we’ll just be a memory.”

In spite of having to witness the tragic end of this beautiful company and the horror of losing a loved job, I’m grateful to have been a part of this company for the time allowed me. 318 more words

In Which I Offer Expertise On Retail Therapy

My Final Purchase from VaporSmiths - THANKYOUALL

Why do I even bother writing posts? I could just upload post titles on WordPress and be done with it.

Still, I probably fill space with a few specifics. 289 more words

"Something really depressing...like a Baby Gap"

Continuing through my stages of grief:

“People are always telling you that change is a good thing. But all they’re really saying is that something you didn’t want to happen at all has happened. 123 more words

In Which I Offer Expertise On Retail Therapy


Somebody grab a copy of You’ve Got Mail, put the box of Kleenex in the shopping bag and sit down to watch with me. The Ephron girls did a pretty good job getting the situational accuracy right, so now I’m going to offer a somewhat unfiltered translation of the subtext to give you a little slice of what my life at work is actually like right now. 564 more words

In Which I Offer Expertise On Retail Therapy

Sinking Sales

April 19, 2015:  Barry Cauchon




Best Way To Advertise Store Closing Sale

Best Way To Advertise

If you’re going to have a Store Closing Sale it is extremely important that the sale gets off to a extremely strong start. 412 more words

"Is This a Business or a Hobby?!"

A Tragic Tale of a Failed Business

Since I began talking with Helena, MT business owners and managers over 1 year ago, I’ve come across many small to medium-size places that I just absolutely love. 902 more words

Beating The Competition