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A Farewell to Toys R Us

Back in late January I made a great effort to take pictures of a Toys R Us store that was located in Annapolis, Maryland. It was after Toys R Us had announced that it was closing 200-300 of its stores in the wake of its bankruptcy filing late last year. 285 more words


A Real-Life Case Study on Why You Shouldn't Put All of Your Eggs Into One Basket

When I was growing up I used to frequently hear the saying that one should never put his/her eggs into one basket. The basic meaning… 845 more words


How I saved $105 on Tackle

Hello fellow frugal anglers. It has been way too long and I apologize for the lengthy absence. Life….right?

Anyway here is the story about how I saved… 397 more words

Bruises & PTSD at Wholesale Prices: Chaos at Sam's Club Going-Out-Business Sale

ROCHESTER, NY – When Sam’s Club abruptly closed 63 stores nationwide and announced sweeping layoffs, many customers were angered. However, many more customers knew this would be an opportunity to let their cheap flag fly because the pending going out of business sale would be “Dope.” 160 more words

The Inner Loop

Farewell Friday.

Looking out over the city, I see that Sylvia’s Bakery didn’t make it. It was just open for business the other day.  No surprise, I suppose. 191 more words

Opposite Day

TechShop is Gone

Last year I attended a networking event at TechShop, a giant makerspace located in Crystal City, Virginia.

This place was literally a makerspace on steroids. It was very large and it was filled with the latest top-of-the-line equipment that members could use, such as this machine. 196 more words