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Jury Duty

This week’s Big Adventure is that I’m on jury duty, specifically for the State of New Mexico, Bernalillio County, which is where I live.  When my summons arrived, I was asked to fill out several forms, including one that asked if I would incur any hardship if I were asked to serve.  1,141 more words

Going Places

La Vie Parisienne: A Make-Believe City of Lights

I’m sure every one of us, at a random point in time, dreams of being in someplace else. I don’t know about yours, but my dream place has always been and will always be, for certain, Paris. 313 more words


Keihancarl's Guide To Budget City Travel

Once again, this is me Keihancarl, your fashionable city traveler. In the last five years, I’ve always visited a lot of places in the metro, particularly shopping malls and townships, sometimes parks and downtown areas. 744 more words


Going Places?!

Hello world!  Not only am I actually here, but, as you may have noticed, I’m in the middle of giving my website a little bit of a new look and over all refreshment.   78 more words

Going Places

Oslob Cuartel: In Ruins but not Ruined

I am into ruins…

…as Margo Roth Spiegelman is into Paper Towns.

Surrounding the Ruins in Oslob are the Oslob Church, the Museum and the Sea. 19 more words


Simala Shrine: Your Fairytale Setting

Even if you pretend, please be my knight in shining armor and take me to your castle far away.

Stupid girl, I should have known that I’m not your princess… 59 more words


Boljoon Church: This I Vow

If in the future, by some miracle, I will marry a man…

… I want it here.

Just across this church is a sea. I don’t know what can give you more tranquility than a church and a sea in close proximity.