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“All of Me: what I’ve learned from marriage and live-in relationships,” by guest writer Sharon Ballinger – Who but You? living alone series

Why live alone?
I live alone now because it has finally dawned on me that I give too much of myself away to whomever I’m living with. 1,623 more words

"The Joys of Solitude," by guest writer Jean Potuchek -- Who but You? living alone series

I have always loved solitude – time alone to think, to read, to dream, to drink in the sensual pleasures of the natural world.  As a child growing up with four siblings in a crowded household, I found solitude hard to come by.  1,681 more words

Do You Have What It Takes to Go Solo?

Not every attorney is suited to solo practice. But if you are, it can be a very fulfilling and profitable way to practice law. Do you have the personal attributes needed to open your own practice? 402 more words

Practice Of Law

Cooking like a local: Pugliese Style! - Going Solo!

Who would have thought it? Asparagus and eggs! It sounds like a crazy combination but it works!

Giuseppe, a good friend of mine, cultivates asparagus on a large scale and gave me a tray of his freshly harvested produce. 583 more words


“Reflections on Living Alone,” by guest writer Holly Wilson -- Who but You? living alone series

Am I lonely or am I free?  Am I selfish or am I in a situation in which I can give more than I could otherwise?  1,201 more words


Occasionally when doing this “job”, one comes across an individual who sounds, at least at first acquaintance, to have genuine star potential.

I’ve been wrong about this before, but I’m wrong to take another punt on today’s tip, … 191 more words


Going Solo

In just a few short weeks I will be jetting off on a new adventure! This time spending a week exploring Hong Kong alone before continuing on to Thailand to teach English at summer camps. 320 more words