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Sociological Perspectives on Single Person Households

Why are increasing numbers of people all over the world living alone? (Scroll down for a video summary)

According to a recent book by Eric Klinenberg: Explaining the Rise of Solo Living, this is a global phenomenon and mainly reflects the increasing degree of individual choice that comes with increasing wealth. 709 more words

Family Diversity

The Decision

My name is J.T. Funk and my business partner, Ben Spandau, and I decided in our second year of law school to start our own firm when we graduate.  228 more words

Going Solo

Human Relations

I had the distinct privilege of meeting with a high school friend of mine, who is visiting Lahore from Nepal. I’ve known her since 11th grade and we’ve been in touch over emails and Facebook. 454 more words

Real Life Issues

On “A life not lived?” by Jacqueline S. of [the crone] blog -- Who but You? singleton series

What else do I have to offer, but stories? I live alone. I opted out of having children. Whenever I ponder Death – rarely from a place of darkness; more often from a pragmatic, matter-of-fact heart – my hope is that I’ll leave the world a plethora of poetry, photos, memories of my heartfelt awkwardness, and yes, stories. 466 more words


Into the Bendigo Art Gallery light

If you could peel back the layers of Karen Annett-Thomas’ paintings you might just find gold. Like the fortune seekers that came and turned our landscape upside down, Karen has likewise mined it. 495 more words



I couldn’t stay in this house any more. When I had bought it I had dreamed of a family, kids, a white picket fence – none of those things had happened since then. 1,938 more words

The Sims 4

Hanoi'ed: Three Days in Vietnam's Capital

Old Quarter. Rush hour.

Honking motorbikes and scooters, people squeezed everywhere, motorbikes with 14 cases of empty Halida bottles bungee-d precariously to the back wheel, buses, cars, people on people on people on motorbikes 1,709 more words


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