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The Art of Transformation: why should we always change with the times

I feel one thing that separates exceptional people from ordinary people is the way that can embrace change and their response to their changing surroundings. This is also relevant to companies, it’s always the businesses that are adapting to the fast-changing environment of the modern 21st century that stays relevant. 1,065 more words

Going Solo

on the road again.

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My feet weren’t as itchy as they had been a few weeks before in the Squamish rain, so I didn’t rush off from my brother’s house until nearly 4 o’clock, enjoying my time with my newborn niece. 685 more words

Road Trip

Do you look forward to Monday mornings?

What is passion? Is it something you like or is it supposed to be your obsession.
My idea of this concept is something that you really enjoy doing and are willing to improve on this skill and are eager to learn more. 362 more words

Going Solo


Picture the scene. We’re in the final act of a rom-com. The main characters have had their fling and have now fallen out, as tends to be the way. 164 more words


Going Solo, Road Dahl


The first of Dahl’s autobiographical novels that I read, was Boy. Being a huge fan of the mind behind such memorable characters as the Twits and Matilda, I was desperate to learn more about the man himself. 111 more words

Emma Clarke

"On Being Me, Alone or Not," by guest writer Christy Harden – Who but You? living alone series

First of all, I can’t really say I’ve ever truly lived alone; I’ve always been fortunate enough to also enjoy the companionship of animals.  But if we’re just talking about the human species, well, then, I’ve lived alone for nearly half of my life now. 1,532 more words

le minion travels

So I bought a minion in Phuket, and used it as a dive buddy..

Quite cute right? Looks damn retarded actually, because its arms and feet are made of felt, and it just looks like an egg. 994 more words