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Things I would rather do instead

My life this week has been consumed with three things: one, trying to get book two ready to be written. Two, finding and getting an appointment with a doctor about my legs. 495 more words

Daily Life

I have Lyme Disease and I'm dying

So you read the title of this post, yes?

K. Let’s back up.

About 6 weeks ago, I hopped out of the shower and started drying off with a towel when I noticed this tiny, … 3,993 more words

Everybody Hurts

At bedtime, I discovered my younger son had a hangnail on his left thumb. It looked irritated and raw. It looked like it throbbed. It looked like it had been there a while. 725 more words


The Amazing Frozen Ladyface

So, I’m having my husband call the doctor’s office to try to get some information out of them. This makes me feel like a bad feminist and a bad adult, but I’m clearly not having much luck getting information out of people, and I don’t know how much longer I can maintain my weak grip on sanity if I don’t have some kind of blueprint. 527 more words

Going To The Doctor

Lady Rage: A New Perfume, Invented by Me

So, I had my first monitoring appointment yesterday since the Clomid. I have two potential lead follicles that look good, and my hormones are heading in the right direction. 564 more words

Going To The Doctor

Day 1 of Clomid: The Furious Fainting Goat of Infertility

I had my baseline appointment today, which involved blood tests to make sure I wasn’t already pregnant, and an appointment with the robot dildo, a.k.a. a transvaginal ultrasound. 262 more words

Going To The Doctor

Step 5 - Going to the doctor (Zum Arzt gehen)- What's to know about that?

In principle, going to the doctor works the same way in every country:

  • you fall ill
  • you look for a doctor
  • you find a doctor…
  • 401 more words
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