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Make It Work

A couple weeks ago, I told y’all I woke up with half my face swollen from sinuses, bad teeth, and general lack of self care. The nurse-practitioner practically gagged at the state of affairs in my mouth; had she mumbled “Oh, my goodness” one more time while examining me, I probably would have gotten up and walked away. 462 more words

Random But Real

Monday Morning Coffee Club: 8/31/15

I’m sorry this post is so late, Modern Philosophers, but it has been a very busy last day of my Summer vacation!

I went for my morning run as usual, but then I couldn’t reward myself afterwards with a big glass of chocolate milk, so that was a bit of a downer. 389 more words


Doctor, doctor, gimme the news...

I admit it. For the most part I’ve always liked going to the doctor. You step on that scale and find out how much you weigh. 1,141 more words

We Run And Ride Every Day


Freddie did indeed have a urinary tract infection, which would probably explain not only his recent symptoms, but also why he has had more ‘accidents’ recently. 124 more words

My Life Right Now

Unfortunately the last couple weeks this has been my life, with no end in sight.  While this has given me time to work on my blog it doesn’t leave many options for much else.  1,095 more words



Daddy Day Care Week got off to a rather hairy start with an unexpected trip to the doctor, after Freddie woke up on Monday with an alarming crusty rash all over his face. 317 more words

The Hidden Costs Of A Strep Test

One of my kids had a strep test. The insurance co-pay was $15, but there were hidden costs.

1. Productivity.  

On the morning of day three of “my throat hurts” with no other symptoms except for a few rogue sneezes, I presented the put up or shut up ultimatum: “School or doctor. 383 more words