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Gorgeous Goji Berry Smoothie

This protein-packed smoothie features Organic Raw Goji Berry Powder, Organic Shelled Raw Hemp Seeds and Organic Raw Goji Berries (we use The Raw Chocolate Company products*). 234 more words


The porridge experiment (part 3)

This is part 3 of 3. Yes, the porridge experiment is (mostly) over. I did the rice thing for a few more days and then decided to “hipsterise” my breakfast. 472 more words


Grab Yourself a Slice of Energy!

Raw Sweet Apricot Kernel Slices

These Sweet Apricot Kernel Slices are protein-packed and bursting with so much energy, you could be bouncing off the walls! Simple and quick to make, they are excellent for a.m. 289 more words


Anti-Aging Goji Juice

According to the hype, the ‘Fountain of Youth’ had just been discovered.

Imagine being healthy and alive, growing old in years, but amazingly looking young and fit. 770 more words


Giant Chocolate Buttons

The perfect treat to have on hand for during the week! Giant Chocolate Buttons!

This recipe is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan & Paleo.

10-15 Almonds… 84 more words

Sweet Things

Sweet Eats: Snack Time! | Really Simple Superfood Bites

I’ve been thinking of ways to put my new food processor to good use lately and came up with a great idea. I’ve been wanting quick and easy snacks to take with me to work and after browsing the interweb, decided to make my own skin healthy-energy packed-fiber balls. 271 more words

Sweet Eats

Green Power Smoothie Bowl

It was challenging to find a fitting name for this smoothie bowl recipe as there’s a lot going on here. Practically every superfood currently in my kitchen got featured in today’s breakfast. 237 more words