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Potting session 1

For many plants, the best time for repotting is early spring just before their active growing begins. We’re now in the middle of winter, but because I have missed this window of opportunity to repot for a couple of years, I have a back log of trees to repot. 363 more words


Raw Energy Goji & Cranberry Bars

It’s so great when you make use of all your ingredients, nothing goes to waste! Well, that’s why these gooey, chewy super raw energy snack is even more delicious! 210 more words


Raw Energy Mix

Snagged this easy recipe off the back of one of my Superfood bags. Think the only thing missing were the golden berries. Or were they mulberries? 31 more words


Goji Latte: Improving Eyesight

Starting my day with a Goji Latte!
Goji berries nourish the yin energy of the liver. The liver energy opens out the eyes so these berries can help improve your vision. 66 more words

Goji Berries are the new black

Goji berries are the new black, they’re considered the latest edition to the superfood group. Even though its been used in Chinese medicine for 1000’s of years…. 150 more words

Clean Living

Bee pollen and goji berry smoothie

This one was so popular I had to put the recipe up! (Makes 2)

3 small bananas

1 mango

Small handful blueberries

Generous splash of coconut milk… 12 more words



Delicious summertime!
  • Strawberries cut in pieces and seasoned with some fresh lemon juice
  • Chia-seeds and linseeds that have been soaked in coconut milk over night. Some vanilla added to that
  • Goji berries
  • Cranberries
  • Walnuts