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Gojira the great and ridiculous

There’s something wonderfully endearing to schlocky kaiju  movies and in this melting pot of a genre the king of monsters is Godzilla. Currently there are twenty one live action Godzilla movies and they all follow a familiar plot, monster A appears and destroys a city, the military tries to destroy it, the military is defeated, Godzilla appears and then the two fight it out like two drunken uncles. 476 more words


Researching Gojira: Nuclear Fallout And The Wasteland That Follows

From trying to get past my excitement of watching Gojira, and noticing all the get arounds that were used in filming the movie there was, as I mentioned in my first post, a large focus on radioactivity and the unequalled damage it creates. 1,114 more words

Another Gojira post

G’day viewers, (sorry again for the opening) if you don’t know that one go educate yourself on Paul hogan. Today’s post continues in the topic we have been exploring on Godzilla (or Gojira) so we’ve already focused on some of the themes present throughout the film, but this week I thought I would touch on the Asian film industry and what effects Hollywood has on its market here in the west. 496 more words


Gigs round-up: August 20-26

JUNGLE BROTHERS, Sugar Club, Dublin, tonight.
The Jungle Brothers are in that long list of hip-hop contenders who helped plenty of others along the way. 772 more words

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Pretence is a fool's game

There was never any pretence.

As I was researching Japanese filmmaking in the 1950s, I found Philip Brophy’s postcolonial article on the Godzilla franchise. He makes the argument, “As puppet, doll and prop on a stage of special effects, his theatricalised unreality is never hidden.” As silly as it sounds, during my whole time watching… 342 more words

Communications And Media

Godzilla Review (Originally written May 2014)

I’ll admit, I jumped on the Godzilla bandwagon.  I jumped on it real fast.  From the moment I heard that monstrous roar I was drooling. 668 more words


Back to basics - Gojira returns!!

As the late great Alfred Hitchcock would start off; good evening viewers, tonight’s tale of auto ethnographical horror comes to you from the desk of my study, where Gojira returns once more. 469 more words