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Hello Golang

This is a simple code of Golang print ‘Hello Golang!’ in console.

Save this code in .go extension (ex – CwS.go). Then run code using “go run CwS.go” 14 more words


1 down...

I bloody did it.

Not gonna lie, it was hard. I struggled at times BUT, I was able to solve everything by googling/ stackoverflow/ the Q&A help on codecademy and towards the end I seemed to really get on a roll with it! 150 more words


Automatic Versioning of Go Code

6 months ago, I read a blog post from the Go package management team (https://blog.gopheracademy.com/advent-2016/saga-go-dependency-management/ ) which asked for the community to build a tool which would automatically suggest the next version to use for Go code, so I decided to build something based on a simple algorithm: 245 more words

Here we go Go


ממתחיל מומחה לסופר מומחה (שמעתם כבר על המונח הזה expert beginner – אז אני הולכת לצאת משם)

כבר שבועיים שאני מחפשת רעיונות לשיפור הידע הטכנולוגי, בשעות הערב כשהכל שקט וכל הילדים ישנים. 72 more words


Creating ubuntu service for go app

Step 1

Install go program with go install in the app folder

Step 2

Download service script file from here: Service for go app 124 more words