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Deploy a Golang web application to Heroku

This article was originally written for devspotlight

The Go programming language, often referred to as "golang", has gained a lot of well-deserved traction in the DevOps community.

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Personal OneDrive Music Player on Raspberry Pi with a Web-based Remote Control (Part 1)

There are so much things that we can build with a Raspberry Pi. It’s always my small little dream to have a personal music player that sits on my desk. 2,255 more words


Compile GO code in Windows for a Debian server

I have been learning Golang recently, and came to a point where I needed to deploy my app to a Debian server to test. 331 more words

How to Add Multiple Directories in GOPATH with VSCode?

Since go versions keep moving up, maintaining GOPATH inside a Go installation path is a pain.

export GOPATH=/home/a-user/go/1.14.9
ls /home/a-user/go/1.14.0/src 
bitbucket.org github.com    go.uber.org   golang.org    gopkg.in
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Golang — How to efficiently concatenate strings?

There are multiple ways we can concatenate strings in Golang. But not all are efficient. Let’s find out which one is the best.

str += "test"buffer.WriteString("test")bl += copy(bs, "test)strBuilder.WriteString("test")data = append(data, "test") then result = strings.Join(data, "")str   = fmt.Sprintf("%v%v", str, "test") 315 more words