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Deploy Golang App to Azure Web Apps with CI/CD on DevOps

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After we have our code on Github repository, now it’s time to automate our builds and deployments so that our Golang application will always be updated whenever there is a new change to our code on Github. 1,165 more words


Why Using Golang sync Pool is a Bad Idea?

Why Using Golang sync Pool is a Bad Idea?

It is not an absolutely bad idea, but you need a careful understanding before using sync Pool. 287 more words


Golang top handy Interview Questions

You can refer these questions and answers on Golang as a quick refresher for interviews. To write the logic in Smart contracts, people prefer to use this Golang (GO programming Language) 494 more words

Golang Interview Questions

Go, Gin, React, and GORM part 1

go 1.12
node v11.10.0
npm/npx 6.7.0
create-react-app 1.5.2

A Simple Blog App

I recently started learning Go more in depth and have been diving a bit more into the web frameworks that are popular with it. 922 more words


6th recipe of 2019

The 6th recipe of the year is about AWS Lambdas written in Go, and explains what one needs to do to implement a lambda that processes any type of payload.


Raspberry Pi and Go Programming

Go or GoLang is a compiled programming language developed by Google.

Go is widely used for Web Development and it is one of the fastest growing programming languages today. 1,080 more words

Top New Programming Languages To Learn In 2019

With the evolution of new processors, logic boards and the need for more performance, new programming languages for software development like Go and Rust and are gaining ground. 1,644 more words

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