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The First 10 Days of Fyne

Wow it’s been a busy few days getting the Fyne project up and running. It’s been well received by a large number of people already – gaining more people on our chat channel in 1 week than the… 61 more words


Decoding HTTP Response in Golang


  • Each step of deployment process should be independent from each other.
  • json.Unmarshal apply to single JSON object, json.Decoder#Decode apply to JSON stream.

The Problem… 406 more words


Go Interface and Polymorphism

Go is a programming language created at Google in 2009 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. It’s very easy to learn, and yet incredibly powerful, especially for concurrency.  507 more words


Art of Hacking Golang compiler


map and append

When I just started to learn Golang, found this example:

You may see two likes[l] that are obviously not free if final machine code is doing it. 371 more words


Getting the server started

After spending a week browsing the internet for starting out in web development in Go, I have to admit I am a bit disappointed.  It is a tremendous amount of energy and time to create a production-ready web server.  317 more words


Here we go!

I am a web developer by day who toils in the C# .Net world.  It’s a nice gig and pays the bills, but I run Linux at home, and I detest Windows servers when compared to Linux.  208 more words


Raspberry Pi with GOBOT (Golang) Part I

This all started with developing a simple software to support the robotic project. We had initially planned with Arduino and Gobot (A golang framework for robotics). 584 more words