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Macro Changes for Gold and Stocks

Since early 2016 we have been carrying forward a theme illustrating that until the macro trends in place since 2011 change, the situation would be as is, stocks trending up and the precious metals in consolidation/correction. 752 more words


NFTRH Update; USD, Gold & Miners (med. priority)

As the US dollar pops to the anticipated test of the down trending SMA 200 (91.92, with USD currently at 92.09) we finally have this out of the way. 304 more words

NFTRH Interim Updates

Company To Link Gold Trade Payment Methods With Cryptocurrency Techniques

KaratBank is creating a new Blockchain-based cryptocurrency based on the ancient legacy of gold. Whilst not readily used in trading today, gold has traditionally been viewed as a safe and secure investment. 478 more words


A Gold Sector Fundamental View (incl. edit)

With gold testing its 200 day moving average this morning I thought I’d reproduce the first part of the precious metals segment from week’s Notes From the Rabbit Hole… 1,040 more words


Gold & Silver CoT

Interestingly, the goons backed off on gold but pressed silver from the short side.

Gold CoT sees large Specs less long and Commercials cutting back on net shorts. 218 more words


Gold and the Stock Market; It's Not the Best of Both Worlds

I was sent this article, which uses TA as a basis to debunk those who think the stock market must crash for gold to be bullish. 867 more words

Stock Market

NFTRH; Parameters on Gold, Silver, HUI, HUI/Gold Ratio & Silver/Gold Ratio

I am not going to play precious metals sponsor or cheerleader. I’ll get rid of positions if given the signals because all this ever was to this point is a bounce. 415 more words

NFTRH Interim Updates