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Open Letter to GATA

If you have any interest whatsoever in gold, I really would like you to read Keith Weiner’s open letter to GATA. It just may blow your mind as he answers his critics in the gold… 625 more words


Gold Price Constructive, While Silver Lurks

Well, for another week at least I provide Gold-Eagle with a precious metals article. They were nice enough to give me freedom to wander within the subject (instead of micro managing the gold price) and time permitting, that’s all I ask. 139 more words


A Bullish View of Gold (monthly)

After making fun of TAs using nominal charts, it is only fitting that I present you now with a bullish case on gold… using a nominal chart! 186 more words


3 Amigos of the Macro, Updated

You thought I was done with the Amigos shtick, did you? Not by a long shot ma’am. They are the happy-go-lucky riders in play as the stock bull market churns on. 937 more words


Steve Saville Channels His Inner Gold Bug

He is one of the rational gold bugs, mind you.

In this post he discusses interest rates and the increasing desire to save among casino patrons (my term, obviously), which would begin their reform from that descriptor. 129 more words


Gold Prices This Week and Next Week's Outlook

Here is this week’s gold and silver article at Gold-Eagle. Among other things, it talks about this graph…

I am pondering whether this will be the last one of these articles because sometimes I bite off more than I can chew and my first obligation is to… 314 more words


Inflation is Not the Best Backdrop for a Gold Sector 'Buy'

Posted over at Gold-Eagle…

Inflation is Not the Best Backdrop for a Gold Sector ‘Buy’

“I realize that gold’s link with inflation is rooted in the mass psyche and it is true that gold benefits from inflation over the very long-term.

96 more words