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When it feels like 1929, quit the markets and go gold prospecting

The markets will always decide. The problem with that reality, however, is that markets are just collections of technology, directionalisers, cheats and run of the mill neurotics with issues. 1,470 more words

DIY Gold Leaf Ornaments

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you’re soaking in all that this wonderful time of year has to offer! I decided to extend it by putting up my Christmas tree shortly after Halloween and I’m so happy I did! 322 more words


A Lunatic Speaks

In the case of the title, the lunatic is… me.  IMO you’ve got to have some lunatic in you to even be involved in gold while the system works 24/7 to discredit the need for monetary insurance.  658 more words


The Curious Case of Platinum, its Pall and Some Indicator Talk

This is a simple weekly chart we’ve used in NFTRH to watch the precious commodities, AKA Palladium and Platinum.  Very curiously, Palladium has just broken through key resistance while Platinum continues to languish, as if it thinks it’s a precious metal or something. 447 more words


Improving Sentiment Backdrop in Gold & Silver

While I find the public opinion data (like Sentimentrader.com‘s ‘OPTIX’) to be too jumpy from week to week to set your watch by, one thing that is more stable is the status of gold bugs either putting their money where their (sometimes big) mouths are, or withholding same. 201 more words


Carla Shanks Celebrates Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden celebrated in Fairtrade Gold

The Garden Collection by Carla Shanks

Gold is the most sacred material on earth and Carla’s award-winning RCA Garden Collection is a celebration of beauty and all that is sacred. 548 more words

Greg Valerio

Attn: Gold & Silver Bugs; a Line in the Sand

Where just 1.5 weeks ago a Trump victory would have been hailed to be bullish for gold by the Pompom wavers (I failed to see why either candidate would have been good or bad) the metals have responded to the US election with a resounding thud.  244 more words