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Stocks and Gold; the Next Opportunity

Unless you visit the Notes From the Rabbit Hole website regularly, you might think the title of this article implies it is written by a market analyst pretending to know what will happen; like a top in the stock market or a resumed bull cycle in gold.  1,569 more words

Stock Market

SPX 2410

It is the first small step actually getting short something (the S&P 500) even though if my long-standing target of 2410 comes about, it will lose money before it pays out.  549 more words

Stock Market

Gold vs. Commodities, a Bearish Divergence

It is as simple as this; you measure a counter-cyclical thing vs. a cyclical thing and voila, you have a market indicator.  No single indicator is the be all, end all.  321 more words


Gold and Silver Stopped At Key Resistance

We have been noting a break in the equivalent resistance in the miner indexes and ETFs, but gold and silver came close, caught a whiff of the cigar, but then the salesman pulled it away.  137 more words


Post-Trump, Some Items Go Limp, Others Firm

Look at these bedfellows that are sleeping together in a sign that all does not feel well with the market, post-inauguration.

TIP-TLT is in a weird, toppy looking short-term pattern.  353 more words


Gold and Silver at Resistance

Everybody knows gold had resistance at the nice, round 1200 number.  It got through there yesterday, but can still be considered at resistance defined by the spring lows.  307 more words


NFTRH; Daily Chart Status of GDX, GDXJ, Gold & Silver

NFTRH 430 wondered about how the miners could be looking good and still-bullish and the metals were much less so.  So I think an in-day snapshot is in order because if the metals go technically bullish too, then as noted in #430, we’ll go bullish right with them. 411 more words

NFTRH Interim Updates