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Palladium-Gold Signal

Folks, it is just one indicator and we should not promote one item as if it has mystical powers above all others (it is part of a concert with its fellow players).  98 more words


Gold, silver and the Dollar

A long-term chart of silver shows strong support at $15/ounce. Recovery above $18 and 13-week Twiggs Momentum above zero would suggest that the precious metal has bottomed. 152 more words

US Dollar Index

Gold Ratios Today

Gold vs. Silver is up but still in consolidation longer-term.  It must turn down here or there will be concerns for many markets.

Which would add to the concerns already stirred (in me at least) by the Palladium-Gold ratio (flipped over here)… 86 more words


Inflation Adjusted Gold & Silver

From the nicely redesigned MacroTrends website, a look at long-term, inflation adjusted gold and silver.  FWIW…


Gold Doorknocker Earrings

It’s interesting to come across this pair of earrings on Kate, because the style reminds me of earrings Princess Diana liked to wear during the early 1990s.  96 more words


Indicators, Weekly Charts

A look at a few items in-day, in-week, fwiw…

TIP-TLT ratio, indicates that inflation protected have been favored over regular long-term T bonds for all of 2015.  170 more words