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Girls Weekend

Most of my time in New York City has not been quite as glamorous as one may hope since I have to show up to this thing called a job, but every once in awhile an opportunity arises and there is a reason to dress up and maybe even dress up two nights in a row. 463 more words

Gold Bar Washington "Where the sun seldom shines"

When I think of all bad things on this planet, I look no further than Gold Bar, Washington. Gold Bar was officially incorporated on September 16, 1910. 902 more words

Snohomish County

Taiwan (Part 2)

Here are some of the places we visited in Taiwan. 614 more words


Snohomish County Washington; Domestic Spying

In early 2009 when I filed a public records suit against City of Gold Bar, I had no clue that what I was about to uncover was the largest RICO scandal in Washington State history until a few months ago. 1,350 more words

Snohomish County

Wallace Falls in Washington State

Like I already told in my previous post Oh, Waterfalls (that you can read clicking here), I went on a little adventure looking for waterfalls. 362 more words


Let the sunshine through the walls of corruption

It’s been six years and the sun is about to shine through the corrupt public walls inside Snohomish County public offices.  From John E. Pennington misappropriating our monies hiding his crimes, which we believe amounts to domestic terrorism, domestic spying, racketeering threats to our lives, sending us threats to burn crosses on our lawn, racist comments he emailed in 2009 to  Gold Bar’s then Mayor and his mistress Crystal Hill, and exposing his pedophilia ring,  sunshine for the corrupt scums ruining our County is coming in 2015. 58 more words

Snohomish County

Snohomish County public records confirm Aaron Reardon and Jon Rudicil involved in Racketeering scandal, Kevin Thomas Hulten did not act alone

From: Reardon, Aaron

Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 9:47 PM

To: Hulten, Kevin

Cc: Rudicil, Jon

Subject: Re: DRAFT legislative agenda/PDR law

Any change that is pursued must be constructive. 1,478 more words

Snohomish County