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Gold Bars or Cobblestones?

I shot the two photos a week ago when I tried night photography in the city. At home I thought I had taken photos of a lot of gold bars, I like how it turned out, but it was just wet cobblestone. 29 more words


Spanish treasure of COCOS ISLAND.....

While Simon Bolivar marched through Peru in 1823, a group of Spaniards in Lima seized the state treasure to keep it out of the hands of Bolivar. 478 more words

Lost Treasure

Best Method of Gold Trading Online in Delhi

In India gold has always been considered as the most costly metal and an important form of saving and that is what leads to gold stings because gold buyers are easy prey to frauds like gold under karatage, less estimates of gold being given to the seller and an unfair buy back policy. 219 more words

Gold Bullion

Know Gold Bullion Price and Buy Online

For solid savings buy 24K pure swiss gold bars/biscuits with no making charges. You can also shop for online, gold coins with divine image representations of Ganesha, Om , Shree,Laxmi, Trimurti symbolic of auspicious days; the other alternative being purchasing jewelry that you can wear with gold vedhanis (gold ring) in 23.5K gold with no making charges. 366 more words

Gold Bullion

Gold Coins and Bullion Bars - An Investment Preference

The two predominant thoughts that should stay with an investor when thinking of gold investment are :

  • Bullion Bars and Coins.
  • Maximizing after – Tax Returns of buying and holding precious metal.
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Gold Bullion

Advice On When To Buy Gold

Gold has a reputation as being one of the most solid investments in comparison to other options. People have come to rely on gold’s stability, especially during times when the economy is at a downturn. 15 more words

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Last week I went on a tour of the New York Federal Reserve Bank museum. Sadly we weren’t allowed to take photos, so you’ll have to imagine for yourself what $48,000,000 in shredded banknotes looks like, but we had an excellent guide, and I really enjoyed the visit – what follows is some hopefully-not-too-inaccurate notes of my personal highlights. 456 more words