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Why women ask for money from men,let’s understand them.

1.She’s genuinely broke, doesn’t want people to know about it except you, she trusts you more than anyone else.
2.You are so special to her, your problems are hers and so she wanna tell you, you’re a Gentleman lol. 84 more words


What Heals the Earth's Soul?

On a blistering Sunday, I sat inside shielding my skin, my person from a blessing. When sheets of rains or heaps of snow descend we wish for the sun. 536 more words


Take it back

Women always get called names when it comes to love and sexuality. They are labeled the worst. However, who stated that a ‘hoe’ is a derogatory term? 323 more words

The Richer He Was.....

(6 word story)

With increased wealth, her love grew.

The End

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Six Word Story

Gold digger?

Soooo here are a few definitions of the word gold digger:

gold digger

  1. one who digs for gold

  2. a person who uses charm to extract money or gifts from others…

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Gold Digger

I’m not a person that thinks I’m better than anyone or looks down my nose at them. However I do know that we all go through things and sometimes it takes someone else to point out the obvious to us while we’re deep in the middle of a lake so to say. 575 more words

The Guy Who Was From Tinder

I have 3 rules when it comes to dating….

1. We don’t hook up on the first date.

2. You have to buy me dinner on the first date. 169 more words

Date Less