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Continuing the Letters Live Tradition, Benedict Cumberbatch Repulses His Wife with Barely There Display of Affection

“Get your ugly lizard lips off me, arsehole. Oh and give me $10,000 for a new ugly floral dress and handbag ASAP.”

(Hunter, internally screaming, exits stage left) 131 more words

Hunter Uses Benedict Cumberbatch For Her "Career"

8 groups of ladies you should avoid dating if you want to save money

The rate at which women drain men financially is high; there are some ladies that would basically wreck you the moment you meet them. 39 more words

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Άνδρας βρήκε ψήγμα χρυσού αξίας 50.000 λιρών σε παραλία


Ενθουσιασμένοι κυνηγοί θησαυρών συρρέουν σε μια παραλία στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο, αφότου ένας 60χρονος βρήκε μέρος ενός θησαυρού που υπολογίζεται ότι αξίζει συνολικά 120 εκατομμύρια λίρες.


The Only Video You Ever Need To See That Proves The Affection Between Benedict Cumberatch and Hunter Are Staged for Fan/Public/Media Consumption

The loudening chatter Cumberbatch’s wife is a cold bitch to him on the red carpet have clearly been heard by his publicist: the second paparazzi start snapping in NYC April 2016, she forces him to put his arm on her. 313 more words

Hunter The Gold Digger And Unfit Mother

Delilah, A Costly Cut

Don’t marry her,

They said.

Oh, those precariously placed worries,

Could have warned him.

But, he was tainted already.

He tasted of your wine-

And it was so red, 93 more words


Benedict Cumberbatch's Wife Demands He Carry Her Three (!) Wardrobe Changes: Why Does An Actor's Jobless, Nobody Wife Have Three Outfits for One Event When No One Recognises Her or Cares About Her?

Cumberbatch’s wife, The Great Fart, insisted she wear three different outfits for an event she was only in the audience for: her latest fanciful whim for convincing herself she’s someone, an important person. 135 more words

Hunter The Gold Digger And Unfit Mother

What is a Gold Digger?

What does it mean when you hear people use the phrase “Gold Digger”? If they are using it correctly, chances are they mean it in the most unflattering of ways. 203 more words

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