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Reasons why lesbians are the worst

  1. They are not even real lesbos…

Case in point: Amber Heard. This girl used to date another girl until the other girl was dumped in favor of the far more wealthy Johnny Depp. 196 more words

Recurring Impasse No. 1

(April 17, 2017)

I was always more ambitious and competitive than he was. He wanted a simple, happy life that did not welcome challenges other than the ones that presented themselves in the midst of getting by. 501 more words

let's talk about how men financially drain women

the myth is that women are gold diggers. while this is true to some regard that a lot of women are out there to get theirs from yours; can we stop acting like men don’t go in for the kill and take a bitch for all she is worth? 1,591 more words




I switched for a Morrocan visa which was granted to me without delay, if Steph was indeed in Dubai, going there will only be a damper on my expeditions, I want to experience everything I can now, exploit a bit before the end of my five years break. 845 more words

For Better For Best


Value what you have now, for you never know when you might lose it.


I heaved a sigh when I got home and there was no sign of Steph, then frowned remembering what Steve had told me, for all I know he only knew two people in this country Steph and me, and I could quite remember him promising to do business with Steph, so if Steph is not home why the hell is Steve here. 1,206 more words

For Better For Best

Having a Sugar Daddy While Not Being a Gold Digger

In Chapter 6 of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah, readers learn of Ifemelu’s aunt, Aunty Uju, who happens to be the mistress of a married man. 491 more words



Since our return from the honeymoon Steph seemed to be having a breakthrough with his company, he was opening branches in even francophone West African countries, so I rarely saw him, he was seldom in the country and even when he came back from his trips he’s mostly at work before I wake up, the annoying part is he works on weekends. 1,016 more words

For Better For Best