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Prenuptial Agreements:The Good, Bad & Ugly

I do not think this is what Benjamin Franklin had in mind…

pre·nup·tial a·gree·ment- an agreement made by a couple before they marry concerning the ownership of their respective assets should the marriage dissolve. 269 more words



I was
so easily fooled;
soothed by her elfin smile,
her words and promises
spoken so smooth,
her wide eyes so sweet,
smothering motherly suspicion; 130 more words


heads turn on her arrival

the opportunist mink’ll
set her laser sights to stun
set her onyx eyes to twinkle
hunting season has begun

she is to morals machiavelli… 58 more words

Poem; Poetry

Forestville Hoochie Mama Finds New Sugar Daddy

Using all of her persuasions of seduction, noted Forestville hoochie momma and gold digger Candice “Candy” Bergman has a new sugar daddy, according to friends. … 58 more words

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The Gold Digger – 1920s Origins of a Contemporary Archetype

By Pickup Culture

Gold digging is the very ancient female ‘art’ of manipulating susceptible males, using sex and seduction to gain some form of material benefit – not just money, but also jewellery, travel and any other personal perks. 1,938 more words

Dating Advice

Rahim agony 


A year, an entire year… 365 days had passed and we heard nothing. The Imam’s accounts were still frozen and things were becoming difficult for him. 506 more words

Gauntanamo Bay

Women v.s Women??

I remember when I was in the 6th , and my body was going through many changes. Boobs, boo-tay and many other things that girls experience during puberty. 496 more words