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I felt cold sweat ran down my spine as we made our way to the airport, Steph has been eerily quite, I felt somewhat scared to ask him what the problem was, was the old woman’s words getting to him?. 823 more words

For Better For Best

What Makes A Good Sibling?

Normally even when talking about my siblings I refrain from using gender indicators. That’s mostly because I have a creative set of siblings who may themselves one day wish to start blogging and might, like me, want to keep themselves wholly anonymous. 655 more words

Invalauble Commitment

What value have you placed on that commitment? I am tired of hearing how terrible things are, how there are no longer any good girls or faithful brothers; how cheap and gold digging our whole society has become. 662 more words

Kingdom Of God


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I couldn’t decipher what was happening to me so I decided to enjoy whatever fun Steph had planned, maybe letting this be a real honeymoon will ease the pressure on the both of us, for heaven knows I’d never remarry : enjoying this one to the fullest is my only option. 710 more words

For Better For Best

Gold Digger

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Before I begin with my story, let me introduce myself first. I’m Daniel. I’m 38 years old and from Indonesia. 2,008 more words