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The Gold Digger – 1920s Origins of a Contemporary Archetype

By Pickup Culture

Gold digging is the very ancient female ‘art’ of manipulating susceptible males, using sex and seduction to gain some form of material benefit – not just money, but also jewellery, travel and any other personal perks. 1,938 more words

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Rahim agony 


A year, an entire year… 365 days had passed and we heard nothing. The Imam’s accounts were still frozen and things were becoming difficult for him. 506 more words

Gauntanamo Bay

Women v.s Women??

I remember when I was in the 6th , and my body was going through many changes. Boobs, boo-tay and many other things that girls experience during puberty. 496 more words

The 'Feminist' Sex Traveler

By Pickup Culture

The feminist sex traveler is a particular kind of female traveler who crops up in the mainstream click-bait news from time to time.  901 more words


Eyewitness to Benedict and The Wife at the London Zoo Shows Coldness Between Them Still Exists, Now Extends to the Baby

Our readers may recall our friend at the Barbican talking about how Cumberbatch and his wife only pretend to act like a married couple when they think people are watching, and that Hunter is very cold towards him. 148 more words

Hunter The Gold Digger And Unfit Mother


The Number 1 song this time 10 years ago was Maneater by Nelly Furtado.

I remember when this song came out and I disliked it from the moment I heard it. 202 more words


Nicholls, F. M , 2016, The amazing Mrs. Livesey, Allen & Unwin, NSW

Kathleen picked biography out of the hat at our last catch up.  Another fluke, because that is exactly what she wanted to select for our next read.   258 more words