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Rejected a Forced Marriage


Be smart don’t be forced into a marriage you don’t want and marriage will cost you your life.


Men’s Health And Wealth

Bugatti Gold Digger Prank - Girl Gold Digger Exposed!



Dude, asks women if they wanna hang out and have sex. Super casual, nonchalant about it too. It’s truly insane what some people will do for a taste of the good life. 34 more words

Life in Monte-Carlo

“Are you not getting bored of living around Monaco area, ever so chaotic or desert, with the same places and people and not much to do? 635 more words


Nagging Woman, Who has her

Nagging started by that bi**h who screwed up Adam’s life and his offspring and his future. Yes, she couldn’t help it, she nagged him daily. Fellas stay away from those women, you will live longer, healthier and wealthier.

Men’s Health And Wealth

A Woman Demand’s vs Woman Offer’s

A woman demand’s vs A Woman Offer’s. MGTOWman vs Feminist bi**h.

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Men’s Health And Wealth


My lady has not called me today
She must be consumed by dreams?
I must call to her

(Step forward)
My love
Juliet? 539 more words


Men Are Gold Diggers Too

According to a new study, guys are gold diggers too.

With one group of subjects, the researchers showed pictures of potential love-interests to men and women — and then asked about the potential for a relationship with that person. 97 more words