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He Has No Soul

Never fall for a gold digger.
They would sell anyone for gold and power. 

Never trust a gold digger.
They will leave you incapable of trust. 69 more words

The Child Support Jackpot

Last night I put my feet up and said, “kids, come on downstairs. Mommy collects child support and it’s the same as hitting the lottery so let’s live it up.” Ok, so I never said that because, guess what, child support is not, contrary to what some believe, the same as winning the lottery, hitting a jackpot or even the road to riches. 971 more words

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Don’t be a gold digger, OK?

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Just Tee-sing

Sharing statement worthy t-shirts in the spirit of warmer weather and shedding layers. **Also because I am severely delaying unpacking my suitcase, so I’ll just continue to dream about things I wish I had. 182 more words

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Feminerd: Gender Inequality & Sex

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Choose a man like you do shoes!

She said I should choose and treat a man like I do my shoes.

N.B. I treat my shoes with much care because I see them as investments, but caring for a thing and person is not the same thing. 584 more words