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Gold-Backed Ruble, Yuan to Trigger Global De-Dollarization

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A gold-backed ruble and gold-backed yuan could start a ‘snowball exit’ from dollar F. William Engdahl notes, adding that it will diminish America’s ability to use the reserve dollar role to finance Washington’s perpetual overseas wars. 640 more words


China Marks Gold Reserve at Market Value

The ECB was the first central bank to value it’s gold reserves at market value, instead of a fixed value or weight denomination. Several countries have adopted this gold policy of marking gold reserves to market value. 1,878 more words

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The meaning of China's gold announcement and the new dollar

“official gold reserves”: what you see is not all there is to it…

As far as the new dollar is concerned:

A revaluation of the dollar via introduction of a new dollar will have the effect of making debt easier to pay. 369 more words

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Will the "Lone Star State" become the Gold Bar State?

Gold is the old (and new) currency, and Texas is ready for the impending crash of the U.S. dollar.

There was a time when every American paid for goods & services with gold. 307 more words


Cardhu 'Gold Reserve'

Bought: Tesco, 3rd March 2015

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Released in 2014, this NAS (non age statement) Cardhu has yet to inspire many votes on Whiskybase. 115 more words

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UPDATE 1-Gold Reserve makes push in Luxembourg to collect Venezuela award

From Reuters, Apr 2015

Gold Reserve Inc has served banks in Luxembourg with the equivalent of writs of garnishment relating to around $700 million in interest payments on Venezuelan bonds and funds, cranking up its push to collect an arbitration award from the South American country. 309 more words

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5 things which Prove India's Immense Obsession with gold.

In india gold is known as the incarnation of the creator himself. India sees gold as the symbol of purity, prosperity and good fortune. It is this link to the almighty and other virtues throughout history, which makes gold an obsession it is today with Indians. 117 more words

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