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Long Term Trend In Gold and Silver Is Up

We are currently witnessing a short term weak market in the large gold producers and precious metals as investors flock to overbought equities.

The long term trend remains up in gold/silver and we may be approaching a turning point… 27 more words

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Short Term Pullback In Gold and Silver Is A Buying Opportunity

In early February we wrote, “Don’t be unsettled by short term pullbacks or day to day volatility.  One should use pullbacks as buying opportunities on this long term upward trend in gold and silver.” 113 more words

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Correction In Gold and Silver Should Be Short-Lived

The Dow and S&P 500 is reversing lower as leaders in Washington fail to make the necessary cuts. Whether this is a new leg lower in a confirmed bear market remains to be seen. 94 more words

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Aftermath Of QE2 and Eurozone Debt Fears Cause Return To Precious Metals As A Safe Haven

The euro (FXE) slid compared to the US dollar (UUP) after meeting and reversing at its long-term downtrend resistance line two weeks ago. About four weeks prior to that, I alerted readers that the euro could reverse lower supporting precious metal prices. 78 more words

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Pullback In Precious Metals Provides Buying Opportunity

With weather beaten gaze the fisherman scans the waters, watches and waits and then at the perfect moment, he casts his line. So we who are anglers for fish of silver and gold study the swirling waters and heave our hooks of small bait in hopes of catching the Big One. 123 more words

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