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Central Banks: The Oligarchy and the Bursting of the Debt Bubble

                                                 By Tony K (August 2016)

Anyone who has his or her eyes even half open should see a big storm on the horizon right now – maybe even the perfect storm. 152 more words

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Dead in the water

Gold has come to a dead stop. It has stalled out below long‑term resistance.

This is the danger point.  Price action can go either way but the probabilities are for at least a pull back to test prior support levels. 42 more words


S&P, Bonds and Gold

The S&P is at an extreme.  Long bonds are reversing.  Interest rates are rising.  Gold has come to rest below resistance.

The truth of the charts implies a significant inflection point for the major indices and sectors (such as precious metals). 103 more words


Do You Own Shares?... BEWARE

By Chris C. (August 2016)
How do you protect yourself in a stock market crash?

Currently, if you own shares in the US stock market, it would be through a third party or broker. 81 more words

Gold & Silver

GLD/SLV Ponzi Scheme – GET Physical Gold/Silver

From Investment Research Dynamics

A lot of investors have invested in GLD and SLV under the mistaken assumption that they are investing in “gold.”  In the latest episode of the Shadow of Truth, we discuss why GLD/SLV are Ponzi schemes created as a mechanism to control the price of gold/silver.   53 more words


Music (+Humor?): Bill Mitchell for Trump VP

So my VP commentary goes like this… (or you can skip to the bottom where the music is)…

Ehhh, nope on Newt, see my tweets here all with attachments/photos: 1,346 more words


055- Troy Anderson- BREXIT-Anti-Globalization Movement-&-Economic Woes

Episode 055 of A Minute To Midnite sees the return of Troy Anderson. Troy discusses the anti-globalization movement and the BREXIT, and shares  what he believes it means for the New World Order and for the citizens of America, Britain and the whole Western World. 79 more words

A Minute To Midnite Video