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MUST LISTEN: World Economic Collapse will be SUDDEN and by summer, Gold over $2000! | Bo Polny

Bo Polny speaks with passion about his charts and therefore comes over as not just a salesman. You have to listen to somebody these days; everyone’s wondering just how the world economy will fare. 85 more words


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Inside phone sales

This is an inside sales position from my home office on Long Island. You will be selling coins and bullion to qualified buyers. We will provide the leads and you will get paid weekly for your whole commission. 18 more words

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Heavenly Treasures & A Celestial Gold War

                                               Written By Joanie Stahl

First let’s keep always in mind that God has to be the springboard for all the questions sought and investigations pertaining to Him. 110 more words

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Gold and Silver – God’s True Money

                                                          Written By Tony K

I will begin by saying Unapologetically that I believe God created gold and silver to be money. Man created fiat currencies. I do not believe that God’s plan for mankind is ultimately to have a corrupt monetary system controlled by a few central banks, who are in turn really just the front for a few Elite Oligarchs, who ultimately pull the strings behind the scenes. 62 more words

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ಚಿನ್ನದ ವಹಿವಾಟು.
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Ask for whatever you want. What do you want? This is entirely your choice. Jesus doesn’t hand you list of 100 things you can choose from. 92 more words