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gold wedding band

in winter he has to wear
open sandals to keep comfortable

she sits at the determined table
leans his handsome cane

on the spare chair awaiting… 570 more words


Kate Spade Inspired Crafts!

When the weather is not so desirable and I am stuck inside all day, I love doing fun crafts.  I had been all over Pinterest and seen so many Kate Spade inspired things that I decided to try a couple out for myself.   99 more words


The Science of Why No One Agrees on the Color of This Dress

The fact that a single image could polarize the entire Internet into two aggressive camps is, let’s face it, just another Thursday. But for the past half-day, people across social media have been arguing about whether a picture depicts a perfectly nice bodycon dress as blue with black lace fringe or white with gold lace fringe. 389 more words

Berita Umum

The Woman Pharaoh

Did you know that Egypt was once ruled by a woman pharaoh? I’m not talking about the Cleopatras. I’m talking about Hatshepsut. She was the fifth pharaoh in the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt from 1508- 1458 BC until her son Thutmose 3rd was old enough. 16 more words

My Thoughts

Tigers Eye & Gold

Beautiful Handmade Gold Bracelet with Tigers Eye & Gold Bali Style

Do you like this bracelet? I would really appreciate to know, thank you :-) 15 more words


The Dress - White & Gold/Blue & Black

Well, the dress that shook the nation. The dress that caused controversy on a Thursday evening, to celebs like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, and is STILL causing workplaces such as MINE to debate whether this dress is white and gold or Blue and Black. 520 more words