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Mary Poppins: Revolutionary Feminist Occultist

By Jay Dyer | Jay’s Analysis

I don’t often asked children’s films, though I’m often asked (my quiver is presently barren).  Also, this analysis is full on mansplaining and I’m man-spreading as I type it.   1,951 more words

Pyschological Operations

Can 15-year-olds join the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn?

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Q. Can 15-year-olds join the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn?

A. (by Alex Sumner):

(A2A) No – for two reasons:

1. When you are accepted as a member, you are in effect making a contract to abide by the by-laws of the organisation and to stay regular with your subs. 115 more words


The Golden Dawn Factor

The contribution of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to our modern understanding and use of the tarot cannot be overestimated. Here is a link to a brief article on Biddy Tarot by Richard L. 312 more words


Βαρύ στο στομάχι για ΔΗΚΟ-ΕΔΕΚ το δείπνο, αλλά στάθηκαν της Ελένης

Ένα δείπνο κοινωνικού περιεχομένου, από αυτά που συνηθίζονται σχεδόν κάθε μέρα στις Βρυξέλλες ήταν η αιτία για να ξεσπάσει κόντρα μεταξύ των Κυπρίων Ευρωβουλευτών οι πλείστοι εκ των οποίων τελικά δεν παρευρέθηκαν στην εν λόγω δεξίωση.


Jinney the Witch

also known as “Mother Red Cap”, she is the true legend of Camden Town. Her history is fantastic and should be better spread out. You can read here what is written on the door of “The World’s End Tavern” in Camden Town, which is a pub that is placed on the same place where the Jinney had her residence. 352 more words


The In-between

In a recent essay on David Spangler’s (he of the pioneering New Age pedigree) Lorian Association website (see “Strange Attractors” at  http://www.lorianassociation.com), Susan Beal described how she eventually resolved the apparent conflicts between her inner and outer worlds – those of private spiritual practice on one hand and routine daily existence on the other – that resulted in several major life changes before she found her true way. 329 more words


A Right not a Weapon

Never before in American history were the worst and most vile elements of our society protected with false claims that the First Amendment of the constitution was designed specifically for their hideous speech. 499 more words

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