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Golden Dawn: How The Greek Far-Right Wrote The Playbook Others Now Use To Go Mainstream

Around the world it seems far-right groups can infiltrate the mainstream regardless of a given country’s political present or past. The question is, then, how do they do it? 858 more words


Coffee Mug of the Month: Virgo

If your birthday falls between now and the September Equinox, may I be the first to say: “Happy birthday, Virgo!”

You now have the opportunity to celebrate your birthday – or get a present for a Virgo in your life, from my new Etsy shop. 121 more words


Yeats, Poetry & Magic August 6

You’ll never know what you’ll find when you visit the library or ask for help in  researching information. My daughter Jenny took this to an unusual place when she was eight years old. 210 more words


Review: the Tree of Life - a Study in Magic by Israel Regardie

Israel Regardie’s seminal work, The Tree of Life, provides a textbook of approaches by which the initiate may work towards the development of the self through the application of magic towards the theurgy of the individual consciousness.  465 more words


Day 009: Astrological Correspondences

Astrological Correspondences & Tarot Mirrors

The Rider-Waite Smith deck makes a few traditional correspondences difficult. To help, I recently came across a great chart over on… 1,201 more words


An Audience with Christina Oakley Harrington

I was fortunate to catch up with the wonderful Christina Oakley Harrington while at Treadwell’s Books for my second Psychogeography workshop.

Christina is Treadwell’s founder and presiding spirit. 139 more words

Esoteric Philsophy

The goal of initiation is to bring about the illumination of the human soul by the Inner and Divine Light. A true “initiate” is an individual whose Higher Self (or Higher Genius) has merged with the Lower Personality and actually incarnated into the physical body.

125 more words
Black Snake Conjure