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On blasphemy

So, I wanted to write an article about blasphemy in Greece for a while now, since there has been several events in the last years that show, once again, that there is a need for reform and strong voices that will oppose the church (and now their partner in crime – Golden Dawn). 1,669 more words


Inside the homes of Golden Dawn's women

By Harry van Versendaal

As she waits for her son, a Golden Dawn party MP, to come out of jail, Dafni wipes a collection of rifles sitting on a weapons rack in their family home. 1,172 more words


Antifascists to stand trial on testimony by Golden Dawn members and police officers accused of torture

Twenty-one persons who were arrested during a motorised antifascist demonstration, in one of the most publicised incidents of recent years, are to appear before an Athens court. 422 more words

New Democracy Needs to Sort Out Its Relationship To The Extreme-Right

New Democracy’s positions on a variety of issues are solidifying into a hard right-wing stance, sometimes even reversing a previous moderate outlook. Along with this unfolding shift to the right, a recent development serves to remind us that New Democracy’s relationship with the extreme-right is not as far back in the past as one might have hoped. 1,897 more words

Former “New Right” party leading member among arrested extreme rightists

One of those arrested appears to be a Piraeus based lawyer, who was also described as a founding member of DIESY (the Hellenic Conservative Network), a right wing advocacy group. 497 more words

Gardens of the Soul

In his Defense of Poetry (1595-ish), Philip Sidney compares the world of Nature to the worlds created by the Poet:

Only the poet, disdaining to be tied to any such subjection , lifted up with the vigor of his own invention, doth grow, in effect, into another nature, in making things either better than nature bringeth forth, or, quite anew, forms such as never were in nature, as the heroes, demi-gods, cyclops, chimeras, furies, and such like; so as he goeth hand in hand with nature, not enclosed within the narrow warrant of her gifts, but freely ranging within the zodiac of his own wit.

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Statement of Solidarity to the Favela Squat attacked by Nazis in Greece on the the 25th of February. NO PLATFORM TO NAZIS!

On Sunday 25/2, fascist battalions from Golden Dawn attacked the Free Social Space Favela in Piraeus. This resulted in the injury of people who were participating in the space and were preparing for their monthly meeting. 425 more words