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Fulvia's Graphic Novel

Robert Taylor fan Fulvia, who lives in Rome, has written a graphic novel about Mr. Taylor.  I have posted it under Fan Art.  The view it, click on Fan Art above.  14 more words

Robert Taylor


Als Versinnbildlichung des Flüchtigen und Verkörperung des Ereignishaften entzieht sich der Tanz den Blicken und damit der Schrift einer Aufzeichnung. Die im steten Entstehen und Vergehen begriffene Bewegung des Tanzes, die ruhelos ihre eigenen Spuren verwischt, wird als Aufforderung an die Aufzeichnung zu lesen sein. 93 more words

Tanz Oriental

Robert Taylor Can't Remember

A letter from Robert Taylor has recently appeared on eBay.  As usual, he hasn’t included the year but has noted the month and day.

ROBERT TAYLOR… 106 more words

Robert Taylor

What Went Right With... Derelect Camp?

Derelect Camp (spelled with a “e” instead of an “i”) was a Hip-Hop collective from Queens, New York who made some noise in the underground during the mid-nineties. 395 more words


Robert Taylor Died on June 8, 1969

Robert Taylor died of lung cancer on June 8, 1969.  At his funeral, California Governor Ronald Reagan gave the eulogy.  Here are a few excerpts from that eulogy, given on June 11, 1969. 706 more words

Robert Taylor

What Went Right With... Now Born Click?

Now Born Click were an underground Hip-Hop group from New Brighton, Staten Island who had a short-lived career during the mid-nineties. Information about them is scarce since the group only released a handful of singles between 1993 to 1995 and publications were very scant when it came to mentioning or reporting on the clique. 544 more words


What Went Right With... The Sun Rises In The East by Jeru The Damaja?

In 1994, Jeru The Damaja released his début album ‘The Sun Rises In The East’ produced entirely by Gang Starr’s DJ Premier. Jeru’s monotone voice accompanied by his naturalistic, slow flow (which paused mid-sentence) was his trademark style. 2,010 more words