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I came across this great article about and listing the best rappers for each year since 1979. Well-researched, well done, fun read, and a ton of inspiration to go look up and listen. Cool artwork as well…


What Went Right With... Royal Flush - Ghetto Millionaire?

Royal Flush is known for combining lyrics about crime, drug-dealing, money-making, and family life, and this Q-Borough native made some noise during Hip-Hop’s golden era with these various topics. 1,634 more words


After the vote for Brexit: Chinese investment in the UK, Part 2

It’s been very hot and very busy since I landed in Shanghai. The trip – from August 11 to August 20 – is aimed at doing some research for DIE WELT, as well as catching up with contacts that I haven’t to spoken since my last business trip to China in April. 1,146 more words

What Went Right With... Blahzay Blahzay - Blah Blah Blah?

The DJ known as P.F. Cuttin’ and the MC known as Outloud, collectively known as Blahzay Blahzay dropped a fantastic single called “Danger” in 1995 but it took the pair a whole year to give us their one and only album titled “Blah Blah Blah”. 821 more words


Sino-British relations: Does Brexit signal a rapid end to the "golden era"?

It must have been a shock. Just hours after the board of the French energy company EDF decided to go ahead with the plan to build a new nuclear reactor in Hinkley Point in Somerset, after a months-long impasse, Britain’s new prime minister Theresa May let it be known that she… 1,429 more words