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What is outside the Ivory Tower?

The Golden Plains.

That’s what I’ve taken to calling it in my mind, anyway.  Partly because one of the sights that never fails to pull at my heartstrings is a field of cornstalks as it ages into gold in the early autumn.   298 more words


Happy Spring! And why I am fortunate

Is today the first day of spring?  Really?  It seems a bit… gray.  Colorless.  No flowers.  If you look closely, there are buds on some trees and the ground is now visible.   878 more words


Why another alt-ac, post-ac, leaving-academia blog?

There are plenty of these already.  Why add to the noise?

A semi-reasonable justification: from what I’ve seen poking around the web the past few years, many blogs about transitioning out of academia have a built-in expiration.   494 more words


Remembering Jay Reatard - A Guy With a Guitar

I listened to a lot of Jay Reatard back in the Dianella Fishbowl Dayze (2007-2010), I even put his compilations of 7” single releases Matador Singles ’08 at the top of my list of albums of the year, published in whatever magazine I was working for at the time. 2,323 more words


Back To You by Twerps

Here’s a video for ‘Back To You’ by one of my favourite local bands, Melbourne’s lo-fi quartet Twerps. It’s the first single from their new album… 64 more words

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