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The golden rules...according to Big Munch aged 3

We’ve been discussing the golden rules in our house recently. Three and a half year old Big Munch has been the chair of the discussion. Me and Mr H have to just listen. 622 more words

the sun will rise...

U can fall
U can try to forget
U can doubt
U can take a step back

but you can not give up on your dreams, the sun will rise every day, with little hope and to give you another chance to try again


Classification of Accounts (Traditionally)

You treat every person differently, don’t you? Based on their character, nature and general behaviour, they are treated accordingly. Similarly in accounts there are different types of accounts which call for differential treatment. 448 more words

quotes from Escadaria Selarón

‘the biggest prize is not to have it but deserve it’

‘there are three things that do not go back:

the word pronounced,

the arrow released… 43 more words


The Golden Rules Of Keeping Your Family In Great Shape

It seems health crises are popping up all over the place these days. It might be obesity one day; a rise in diabetes the next – it’s clear there is an ongoing concern for the state of the nation’s health. 521 more words


How to Survive a Social Media Crisis?

How to Survive a Social Media Crisis?

The internet has considerably changed the rules of public discourse. Whereas previously, unhappy customers still had to write complaint letters in order to unleash their dissatisfaction about a brand, the age of social media has given them tools to vent their anger with simply one mouse-click. 1,867 more words