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Medal of Freedom Not for me.

Stymied again.  I only want freedom!  And the man in charge gave the medal to an old bastard in a suit.  That said, he made a hell of a speech afterwards. 348 more words


quote of the month

‘Now you see, we are guests here on this planet, visitors who have come for a short time, so we need to use our days wisely, to make our world a little better for everyone.’ 

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Confused yet...

There is a lot of confusion in using the words aim and goals, as lot of people believe that these mean the same but actually they are not. 280 more words

8 Golden Rules of Interface Design

If you want to design great, productive user interfaces that give your users an experience that are happy with and is frustration-free, then you should take time to read and commit to following Ben Schneiderman’s ‘ 511 more words





The golden rules...according to Big Munch aged 3

We’ve been discussing the golden rules in our house recently. Three and a half year old Big Munch has been the chair of the discussion. Me and Mr H have to just listen. 622 more words

the sun will rise...

U can fall
U can try to forget
U can doubt
U can take a step back

but you can not give up on your dreams, the sun will rise every day, with little hope and to give you another chance to try again