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Your Answer to Owning a House in Bhimtal, Delhi is Good Option

Home ownership has for quite some time been held up as the exemplification of the Indian Dream. What’s more, for some individuals it has been. In different cases, the choice to purchase a home can be a budgetary bad dream – they didn’t call that home-remodel motion picture “The Money Pit” to no end. 816 more words

ASPCA: 48 Dogs Rescued From Grim Wisconsin Puppy Mill

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Forty-eight Labrador Retrievers were seized Friday from an unlicensed breeder in western Wisconsin, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 90 more words


Yangon’s Golden Valley: art, food and gaudy architecture

Yangon’s Golden Valley, the city’s most prestigious address, is an orgy of cronies, political dynasties, embassies, as well as a few international offices and expats. This blog will traverse the scenery and share some spots worth a visit for food, art and voyeurism. 1,392 more words


Once Again I Don't Know if I Should Laugh or Cry

By Andrew Richter

Well I guess district 281 needs  more diversity training;

A parent committee at Robbinsdale Area Schools thinks the district doesn’t include enough state-mandated curriculum about Native Americans. 500 more words


Is This Right or a Disservice?

By Andrew Richter

Looks like no primary for District 281 and, once again, a late filing date.

A quick, nonbinding “up or down” vote at a March 7 Robbinsdale Area Schools work session put the kibosh on the possibility for a primary election this August. 484 more words


We Have to Defeat This Guy!

By Andrew Richter

Well, it’s time for career politicians to announce their re-election;

Mike Opat, Hennepin County Commissioner for District 1, has announced he will seek reelection in the general election this fall.  214 more words

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Rudy Luther Toyota lube tech on way to service career

Coworkers and managers say she’s productive and thorough and lube technician Sweden Torgerud more than holds her own in a field mostly occupied by men. 191 more words

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