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Leaked 30-Minute Long Goldeneye 007 Remake Video

Earlier this week, a gaming website called Rare Thief uploaded a huge video of an unfinished Goldeneye 007 Xbox Live Arcade remake. The lengthy video spans 30 minutes and showcases some full run-throughs of some of the iconic game’s levels as well as some multiplayer maps. 209 more words

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Video: Unreleased GoldenEye 007 Xbox Live Arcade Footage

A new clip has emerged, containing 30 minutes of unreleased GoldenEye 007 footage for what was destined to be an Xbox Live Arcade version of the classic Nintendo 64 title. 153 more words


GoldenEye 007 gets an unofficial multiplayer remake with modern graphics

GoldenEye 007, the beloved N64 first-person shooter, has been recreated in high-definition glory by a team of dedicated fans over the course of 10 years. The mod, known as GoldenEye: Source, received its first update in more than three years this week. 230 more words


A Gorgeous Multiplayer-Only Recreation Of 'Goldeneye 007' Is Out And It's Free

For a generation of gamers, Goldeneye 007 (or Goldeneye 64 for the rough and tumble gamers) was the first step into a life of first person shooters. 213 more words


Nintendo 64: Living With The Underdog

The first time I walked into an AAFES Sight & Sound that had a Nintendo 64 kiosk with Super Mario 64, I took one look at the game and one look at the analog stick which I had never seen before, and immediately understood why it was there. 1,102 more words


GoldenEye 007 - Review

This past year at E3 Nintendo generated a lot of buzz when they announced that a GoldenEye 007 remake was coming to the Wii. Even better news was that it was only a few months away so we didn’t have to wait too long. 1,016 more words


Bill Hader's 'GoldenEye 007' Trash Talk Took Him Out Of Video Games Completely

Sure, Conan O’Brien’s ass got kicked in by #TeamLannister while playing Overwatch on Monday, but that was just in the game. Had he played it (or any other video game, for that matter) against… 304 more words