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Gamer Thoughts: Licensed Games

This post is a bit of a sampling of the content that you see from my own gaming blog where I talk about games, post about games, and do other random things pertaining to gaming. 747 more words


Video Gaming: My Beginning and Reunion

I’ll never forget when I was five years old and my dad bought a Nintendo. I was the oldest and a girl – I don’t delude myself into thinking that my dad truly felt like my childhood would be deprived without being able to play Duck Hunt. 560 more words

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Goldeneye 007 (N64) - Retro Bits

Goldeneye fue un parteagüas para los juegos en primera persona para consolas y también para los juegos basados en películas.

Nadie se esperaba el éxito que iba a tener, nunca un juego de James Bond había llamado la atención, la película tenía tiempo que se había estrenado, las imágenes que habían mostrado se veían bien pero no garantizaban nada. 404 more words


Rewind to Nintendo 64: The Classic Console’s Best Games

by Jayden

Launching in Australia back in 1997 (1996 in the US and Japan), the Nintendo 64 is a memorable and beloved console for gamers of the 90s all over the world!  1,724 more words

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39 GoldenEye 007 (feat. Stacey Molski)

Jim and Kevin are joined by Internet personality and Stoholski-neighbor Stacey Molski to talk Pierce Brosnan, James Bond’s Home Alone house, and each of their FPS Multiplayer Battle Friend Rules during their chat on GoldenEye Circle Circle Seven. 18 more words

Retro Gaming: GoldenEye 007

I don’t know about you guys but GoldenEye was the game to play when I was younger. Much like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. is the game to play with friends now, when I was younger this would be the only game I played with friends. 650 more words


'Casino Royale' Director Martin Campbell Is Tackling French Graphic Novel 'Sebastian X'

Martin Campbell, the director of GoldenEye, Casino Royale and the Antonio Banderas Zorro flicks is getting back into the comic book game with a movie… 159 more words