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American GoldFinch.

There is surprise from everyone at this snowy day at the end of April. At least Goldfinches provide sunshine between the snowflakes.

Pheathers - Color My World in Goldfinches

An American Goldfinch changes colors with the seasons. In autumn the male molts from summer’s gold to winter’s tan. In the spring, another change begins and the male goldfinch becomes bright yellow. 49 more words


A Little Birdie Told Me

A Little Birdie told me….

Stop waiting

for tomorrow,
or the weekend
or a rainy day,
or a sunny day.

Joy is found

when you stop waiting, 69 more words


The Parrot

It’s been a while since I’ve typed in here. Haven’t had time. At least … haven’t been using my time for typing up introverted thoughts. I did, however, use some of my time for reading The Goldfinch. 529 more words


The best laid plans...

Today’s guest picture from my Newcastle correspondent shows a splendid drum kit to be found on a new trail at Plessey Woods Country Park.

We had an exciting plan A for today and a fairly exciting fallback plan B too.  946 more words


Turn, turn, turn, turn

Today’s guest picture is another from Mary and Venetia’s visit to Shapwick Heath.  This one was taken by Mary.

There was a hint of frost on the lawn when we got up but a bright sun soon cleared it off and the day looked set fair.  623 more words