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Yellow Bird

The Goldfinch is the official bird of New Jersey and two other states. In our backyard, there is a new male Goldfinch this spring, and whenever it appears my eyes are immediately drawn to its brilliant yellow color. 13 more words


The magic of frozen peas

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my son Tony and shows one method that he came across of making sure that your dog doesn’t get  attacked by swans while walking at Lake Windermere. 732 more words


Putting my foot down

Today’s guest picture shows Lincoln Cathedral, seen from the Castle walls.  It was taken by my sister Mary on a recent visit.

We woke to heavy rain and strong winds but as Mrs Tootlepedal and my sister Susan went off to church and I spent the time inside sorting out the framing of my pictures for the exhibition, we didn’t much mind the weather.  954 more words


Unexpected visitor, take two

Brrrttt. He was back. My Goldfinch friend came back to see me the next day.

I settled into the rhythm of his taps on the windows…and his occasional peering in at me. 92 more words


Unexpected visitor

Brrrrttt. Brttttt. The sound startled me.

Was something hitting the outside of my apartment? And then the thought occurred to me and a dread briefly filled me. 182 more words



A Lesser Goldfinch against the setting sun getting a last bite to eat before bedtime.



what a wonderful relaxing evening I have spent in the garden…

on my walk home I met up with this bunny…

this was the precursor for the rest of the evening… 187 more words

Big Girl Pants