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Goldman Sachs CEO says its "Arrogant to assume Cryptocurrency will fail".

Goldman Sachs CEO came out and said it was “arrogant” to assume cryptocurrencies will fail and that investors need to keep an eye out for it as an emerging asset. 164 more words


Goldman Sachs Leads $40 Million Investment in Anti-Phishing Firm Agari

An email from the boss typically gets your attention. Unfortunately, fraudsters know this too and are increasingly using email impersonations to launch their scams.

These attacks known as “spear-phishing”—where an email appears to be from a familiar and trusted sender—have become pervasive, and have led companies and governments to invest in tools to stop them. 289 more words


Solomon: Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Sedang Mempertimbangkan Bitcoin Untuk Masuk Pada Market Derivatif Mereka

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., yang merupakan salah satu bank investasi terbesar di AS, sedang mempertimbangkan untuk memperdagangkan kripto aset pada market derivatif mereka yang akan diperdagangkan secara publik, kata Chief Operating Officer David Solomon. 123 more words


Cushman & Wakefield Files for IPO

Cushman & Wakefield announced today it has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to lay the groundwork for a public stock offering.

The filing calls for a $100 million offering, but doesn’t specify the number of shares or the price. 232 more words


Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein Calls Immigrant Family Separations 'Horrible' and "Tragic'

As fury over Trump-era immigration policies that separate parents and children on the southern U.S. border continues, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein is weighing in, calling the situation “horrible” and “tragic.” 453 more words