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Goldman Sachs are financial terrorists- Mass Protests Sweep Malaysian Capital As Anger At Goldman-Backed Slush Fund Boils Over

$6.5 billion of that debt came from three bond deals underwritten by Goldman, whose Southeast Asia chairman Tim Leissner is married to hip hop mogul Russell Simmons’ ex-wife Kimora Lee who, in turn, is good friends with Najib’s controversial wife Rosmah Manso. 1,100 more words

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Registering Trade Marks--think of the translation early

Goldman Sachs doesn’t seem concerned, and why be? They can’t possibly win any lawsuit.

There been a recent story about ‘fake’ Goldman Sachs (Shenzhen). For those who travel in South China a lot, you may have seen a blue highway sign with it. 189 more words


Greg Smith and Goldman Sachs

I love Economics, it is true. Far more interesting than figuring out why atoms of carbon bond to atoms of oxygen, I think that it’s far more interesting to understand the psychology and science of human interaction that makes the world what it is, with problems of poverty, inequality, and lawlessness breathing on our necks. 320 more words


Market's purple haze transparency

US stocks closed Wednesday after a 619 point gain to reach historic Monday afternoon highs, and yet some analyst are giving the all clear.

The last rate-raise bull at the Fed, NY chief Bill Dudley said in a speech Wednesday morning that he thought September rate hike was off the table. 171 more words


Best Session on Wall Street for Four Years!

As China announced additional incentives to put a halt to the financial crisis, and to support it’s economic growth, Wall Street Markets saw their best days trading in four years. 91 more words

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China's fake Goldman Sachs is ready for business

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By Joanna Plucinska @joannaplucinska

China has been known for ripping off designer goods, … 192 more words


Somebody in China Has Set Up a Fake Goldman Sachs and Is Doing Business

China has been known for ripping off designer goods, iPhones and even public sculpture. Now, financial companies can start worrying about having a Chinese counterfeit too. 173 more words