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Moving Out

I’m looking for places to move to when the semester ends. I’m tired of on-campus living and it’d be nice to be able to set down some roots. 318 more words


Four gyms opening in Regina's east end this spring

REGINA – The competition between local gyms to attract consumers is getting heated as four gyms are set to open this spring within two city blocks in the city’s east end. 298 more words


Globo-Gyms Shooting for the CrossFit Vibe, sans the CrossFit

Article by the Wall Street Journal on how the big gym chains are capitalizing on the CrossFit craze – trying to emulate what makes it popular. 42 more words


Snow, St. Pattys, 5ks and Random Facts for a Random Week!

Monday: 15min Rope Pull Machine

Tuesday: 6m interval 10 x 200s (5 @ 5:33/pace, 5 @ 5:30, 2 @ 5:27), 100 TRX Chest Press + 100 TRX Chest Flys… 291 more words

Day 5, Week 9 - Final Week Squat Cycle

Friday Max Day!

  • Back Squat 1×5 @ 105% plus of current 5 rep max
  • Snatch up to heavy double
  • Clean and Jerk heavy double

Day 4, Week 9 - Final Week


  • Rest Day

If you want to go to the gym today, stretch and work some mobility but that’s it.


Day 2, Week 9 - Final Week


  • Hang Snatch 3×2 @70% of best snatch.
  • Hang Power Clean 4×2 @ 70% of best power clean.
  • Strict Press 5×5 by feel but on the lighter side.