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Trying New Things: 2 New Foods and 1 New Gym

Usually these posts are about new food items that I’ve tried, but I’m branching out. In addition to writing about two new-to-me foods (which I’ll get to soon), I’m first going to write about a new gym that I tried: … 900 more words

Push yourself to relax

It’s 9:40 in the morning and all I can think about is five o’clock. You read that right. The workday hasn’t even been going on long enough for my eyelids to fully unseal themselves and I’m already ready to get out of here. 290 more words

Suspect breaks into several Layton gym lockers, steals car

LAYTON, Utah – Hitting the Gold’s Gym in Layton is part of Miguel Moreno’s daily routine.

“I get up early in the morning and go and workout,” he said. 355 more words


Spot the Narcissist

Mike O’Hearn, an interesting character. In my non-professional opinion he is an excellent example of an overt narcissist. What I mean by that is that someone who has excellent narcissistic qualities but, might not have the intelligence to dissimulate them. 124 more words


My visit to the Mecca

Iconic Golds gym in Venice beach. Everyone knows the name, the gym is literally the most famous one in the world. With a name like “ The Mecca” it has to be good right? 511 more words


New piece of gym equipment

I knew it was coming for weeks, but today it finally showed up.

My neighborhood fitness center finally installed a Smith machine so now I have a reasonable way to work heavier squats into my workouts once again. 235 more words

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