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Is Trump a narcissist?

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Sitting down to a dinner party the other day, I was asked by one of the guests whether I thought Mr Donald Trump is a narcissist. 1,263 more words

Current Affairs

LBJ’s Landslide

Many historians view the mid twentieth century as a time of great change in American society. This is especially true in regards to politics. The 1964 Presidential election between Lyndon B. 2,011 more words

When LBJ and Goldwater Agreed to Keep Race Out of the Campaign - By MARK K. UPDEGROVE August 28, 2016

In retrospect, it’s clear that Barry Goldwater had a lot to gain by cynically playing the race card. It was 1964, and jittery Southern Democrats had fought in vain to prevent the historic Civil Rights Act from being signed into law. 241 more words

Point Of Interest

Stop, Thief!

It isn’t as if he is actually lying,

But someone should say to the Speaker, Paul Ryan,

When he cries in a voice which practically throbbed, 169 more words

Social Commentary

The 1980 Elections: Reaffirming the Marxist Theory of the State

Line of March Vol. 1, No. 3, October-November 1980.

The great spectacular of bourgeois politics–the quadrennial ritual of the ballot box by which U.S. imperialism’s chief executive is designated–is at this moment approaching its grand finale. 17,930 more words


Trumpy Dumpy

Trumpy Dumpy wants
A great wall
Trumpy Dumpy’s having
A ball
But deep in your guts
You know he’s nuts!

(last two lines from Democratic Party, c. 1964)