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Texas A&M Undergraduates Nominated for the 2018 Astronaut Scholarship

Texas A&M undergraduates Oscar Gonzalez ‘20, Ashley Hayden ‘19, Ashley Holt ‘20, and Quinton Lawton ’19 have been nominated for the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation’s 2018 Astronaut Scholarship. 662 more words

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Two Aggie Students Honored by Barry M. Goldwater Foundation

The LAUNCH office at Texas A&M University congratulates Ashley Holt ’19 and Oscar Gonzalez ’20 in being recognized for their outstanding academic achievements by the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation. 710 more words

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Armchair Amateur Diagnosing Can Be Hazardous to Another's Health

I have been out of commission for several months now on medical/surgical leave from my work as a psychiatrist and about everything else, weathering reparative surgeries, elective very aggressive interim chemotherapy to more than ever insure continued remission. 4,000 more words


New Year...New Books

Let’s resolve to become smarter, savvier and deeper in-the-know with our very own Duchess Dolls Book Club. With a twist. Picks are chick authors we know, work with, or wish we knew. 400 more words


No armchair diagnoses, please

You may count me as one who takes a dim view of those who think they can diagnose medical matters from a distance.

There’s some of that going around these days as it relates to the behavior of the president of the United States, one Donald John Trump Sr. 300 more words