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What do you think, Mole?

Recently you have taken to learning more about U.S. history starting, almost unbelievably, with Republican stalwart Barry Goldwater. I have to say I know nothing about this man… well, that’s not true. 499 more words


Cruz will take us to defeat

Now armed with a plausible chance to being the Republican nominee, Ted Cruz – the Texas Senator – is on a crusade to effectively describe himself as the “Reagan love-child”. 577 more words

American Politics

Two Notable Students Nominated for the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Astronaut Scholarship

By Macy Moore

Mikayla Barry ’17 and Maura Cadigan ’17 have been selected as the Texas A&M nominees for the 2016 Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Astronaut Scholarship. 709 more words

Good News!

ICWA Case Updates and Legal Clarifications

Because of the recent media attention to ICWA, here’s a quick update and clarification of some legal details:

ICWA has not been amended, updated, or changed. 524 more words

Author: Kate E. Fort

The Republican surrender

By Fareed Zakaria
Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Republican surrender has begun. Having described Donald Trump as an unacceptable, unconservative, dangerous demagogue, the party establishment appears to be making its peace with the man who keeps winning primaries. 725 more words

Washington Post

Vote for Trump?

We may be forced to face this question soon. Given the current delegate count, Donald Trump’s impenetrable fortress of 35% of base voters, and the insistence of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich to split the remainder 30/20/15, Trump has great odds to win the republican nomination. 1,944 more words