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Does politics make the man?

Earlier this year, I binge-watched both the British House of Cards series, and the American one.  When the new season of House of Cards was done, I went on to   620 more words


The Daisy Spot Revisited

TheARTPolitical has our first guest post! This post was written and created by:
Thom Kennon
Advertising & media industry analyst based in New York City. CSO of Agency Pure, adjunct professor at NYU’s Masters of Integrated Marketing program. 843 more words

Political TV Art

A National Debate Part Two

In a previous posting, I discussed the proper role of government in the life of the individual. The position of the Progressive Movement for the last century has been that government is integral in our lives. 1,191 more words


Ronald Reagan Offers Prophetic Speech 50 Years Ago

On October 27, 1964, Ronald Reagan gave a speech that was prophetic.  In this 30 minute speech, video below, Reagan said: “A government cannot control an economy without controlling people… 270 more words

President Obama

Guest Post: Ina Albert on Changing Faces of Spirit

    “Religion is an agreement between a group of people about what G-d is.
Spirituality is a one-on-one relationship.”
~ Conscious Way Magazine

It was the 1960’s and I went to the right rather than to the left. 619 more words

The opposite of libertarian is authoritarian

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Recently, The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin attempted to explain, “Why conservatives and libertarians are at odds,” concerning ISIS, social issues and other hot button topics on the right. 713 more words

Conservatism Today

Making of the President, 1964 by Theodore H. White

After winning a Pulitzer Prize with his groundbreaking, dramatic, psychologically intense depiction of the 1960 presidential campaign, Theodore White tried it again in 1964. But, this election lacked the drama of 1960 (most elections have) and instead, White came up with a somewhat confused narrative that paints the winning candidate, Lyndon Johnson, as both a saint and sinner, and the loser, Barry Goldwater, as a man with crazed followers with only a passing grip on reality. 961 more words