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Man’s Hubris - The Drive to Be God in Fiction

I had an interesting conversation with my husband today. We were watching “Jurassic Park” and he commented he had never been interested in dinosaurs. I admitted dinosaurs had never been high on my list of fascinating subjects either. 549 more words


June 26th - Minim

Minim – n1: a musical half note 2: something very minute 3: a unit of liquid capacity equal to 1/60 fluid dram

GF, face pressed to the glass, watched their every moment with wide, curious eyes. 134 more words

365 Words Challenge

Blessed are the Peacemakers

And… it’s all kicked off. I was actually stupid enough to believe that there was some possibility that the magic practitioners in this city might be able to exercise common sense and restraint. 333 more words


Reddit Writing Prompt #7: Old Walker

You live in a world where the dominant religion worships giant iron golems that wander the earth, utterly mindless of the humans that cluster around their feet, who decorate them for holidays and fight wars based on their actions.

1,361 more words

June 22nd - Chrestomathy

Chrestomathy – n 1: a selection of passages used to help learn a language 2: a volume of selected passages or stories of an author… 144 more words

365 Words Challenge

MENACE MANUAL: The Terrible Iron Giant

Inspired by the Terrible Iron Golem from Maure Castle I decided to make my own version for my campaign setting and set him as a defender of The Choking Tower.   388 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Magical Old World Meet New in NYC

Just finished The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker. Although you cannot fault her prose, I can’t help feeling as if the story would have been much better if it had been cut down by a hundred pages. 190 more words

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