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WOS a Brief Commentary

Scientists have long been toying with the idea of a multiverse or an increased dimensionality. Kabalists have long known this, in that system there are in fact ten worlds, ours being Malkuth. 333 more words

Warrior's Path

Frankenstein and Golem - Power, Redemption and the Human Condition

This Shabbat is Shabbat Hagadol – the Sabbath before Pesach. It reminded me of the Great Rabbi Loew of Prague’s (the Maharal) extended Shabbat Hagadol sermon which is a preface to his Haggadah. 1,267 more words


why do i dream of kites

the other night i had a weird dream. jenn and i were going to be going on a vacation where we would ride motorcycles from alaska to russia. 533 more words

Stand Against Darkness

Green whips of crackling hellfire crashed against my truesilver armor, scorching and marring it with a terrible hiss as I looked up, finally coming to terms that this was actually happening. 2,632 more words

TH9 GoVaWiPe

I include valkyries in the raiding crew if I can help it because they are just amazing – deployed at the right moment on a right base that is.

Non War Attack