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Fridgy the Gombor

This is another piece from One Month’s 30 Day Writing Challenge. The assignment was to create a monster. I also tried to write it in the voice of my crazy, hilarious daughter. 813 more words

750 Words


I love projects in which something old gets transformed into something new. When I was a little kid, I had Laura Ingalls Wilder fantasies of sewing a quilt from fabric scraps my grandmother gave me to play with. 640 more words



With a final sharp tug, Shiovan finished tying up the bandages around his left arm. Then she took a step back to eye her handiwork speculatively. 431 more words


February 13th - Surd

Surd – adj 1: lacking sense: irrational 2: voiceless – used of speech sounds

Dr. Clemmons, flanked by Commander Drake and three armed guards, unlocked the door to GF001’s cell and moved aside. 129 more words

365 Words Challenge

A Guide to Monster Love

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and that means young fancies invariably turn to thoughts of love. Of course, “love” can mean many things. This Valentine’s Day, many will turn to literary sources of romance. 2,267 more words

February 4th - Lambaste

Lambaste – v 1: to assault violently: beat, whip 2: to attack verbally: censure

Wade watched as Private Howard lambasted test subject G0306 down the corridor. 168 more words

365 Words Challenge

Mini Golem Test!

Testing out a new sprite program for animation!