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Necromancer Beta: Level 11-20

The next ten levels of the Necromancer’s progression to 70 finally starts to show the player a fleshed out, no pun intended, assortment of skills and how they can be combined to truly compliment one another. 1,210 more words


Vinny Lingham - Securing your identity with Civic.com and Bitcoin

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Vinny Lingham  is the founder and CEO of Civic. Civic is a Secure identity platform for business and individuals. 

Vinny has founded a number of other companies including Glyde, and has featured as an investor on the South African version of Shark Tank, where he became the first shark to identify the potential of using a blockchain based token sale to raise money. 25 more words


the clay court.

the clay court

I see a bird’s eye view, kind of like the cover of The Handmaid’s Tale, but with a stiff awkward queen and her ladies in waiting, all made of dusty brittle brown clay. 409 more words


IT-Sicherheit - Wie ich mein Passwort im Stack Trace fand


Unser Autor hat versehentlich das MySQL-Passwort seiner Webseite veröffentlicht. Hier schreibt er, wie es dazu kam. Er berichtet, warum Fehler selbst dann passieren, wenn man denkt, alle Sicherheitsmaßnahmen umgesetzt zu haben und warum es in PHP zu einfach ist, derartige Fehler zu produzieren.

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Golems and Magic in Prague

Prague for me has always been more of a city of the imagination than a real place. Real places tend to disappoint, especially if you spent your impressionable teenage years fantasising about them. 888 more words