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Paul Valéry about "writing for someone"?

Paul Valéry writes in one of his Notebooks a dozen lines about… writing. I translate it – sorry for my English :

One must work for Someone; and not for unknowns.

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Waterfall Gyarados and its new place in the meta

(Source: pokemongohub.net)

Written by: acheron9381

Niantic has finally done it. They’ve knocked King Vaporeon down from his pedestal, and created a new “Best Water Type Attacker”. 880 more words


Golem #76

Drawn by: Sal G.

Joe’s Grade: A-

I gave Sal an A- for his rocky golf-ball-with-arms Pokémon Golem mostly on the strength of the Pokémon’s rocky outer shell. 41 more words

The Power To Create And Control...

Back at The PlayStation Experience of 2015 when PlayStation VR was being announced, there was one game that was shown and is even in the PSN as coming to PlayStation VR. 186 more words



Got some fantastic crits over at the reaper forums and i’m having another little crack at it.

In some good news there’ll be a print – just one – going out as a learning experience! 16 more words

Calzone Golem - Entry

Name: Calzone Golem

Alias: Pizza Golem

Alignment: Any

Genders: Both (Split-procreation)

Diet: Herbivore (Fungivore if aggravated)

Variant: Orange mixed w/l Reddish Orange

Ability: Can affect those that are allergic to cheese/dairy (and tomatoes for that matter). 110 more words