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sister susie sewing shirts for soldiers 

I think it was because my cousin with the new kids said-

“Have you ever heard of Zohar?”

I said “It’s a Jewish thing right?” 243 more words


The Golem

I recently finished a book that had an interesting story about a Golem.

The book was in my estimation only a so so story but the subject is fascinating. 700 more words

Galesmind Fables

Commentary on "The Golem on Ash Wednesday"

Here’s the link¬†you haven’t yet read the poem “The Golem on Ash Wednesday.”

Ash Wednesday is one of my favorite church days. There’s something about confessing that… 511 more words

The Golem On Ash Wednesday

The Golem on Ash Wednesday

…As the dead of winter dies
the ground, smothered in snow, thaws
melting into mire and mud. There
in the clay You see my unmade substance… 111 more words

Holy Ground Golem

Holy Ground Golem, antique and handmade letterpress blocks, 50x66cm, 2015

Lisa Cradduck

Holy Ground

Holy Ground, antique and handmade letterpress blocks, 90x66cm, 2015

Lisa Cradduck


Crawler, antique and handmade letterpress blocks, 66x100cm, 2015

Lisa Cradduck