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Putting Practice: stroke or feel, which are you practicing?

Every putting practice should begin with checking your putting stroke,

without a good stroke there is almost no sense in practicing your feel.

A good stroke… 238 more words

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The Mental Game: Routine and Visualization

Visualization may be the one defining characteristic that separates the 

golfer who appears to know what he/she is doing and succeeds  from

the golfer who merely appears to know what he/she is doing and fails. 240 more words

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The Game within the game: short game

Success in the area of short game is less a reflection of “skill” than imagination and confidence


The ability to visualize the shot that is needed, to create in the “mind’s eye” a picture of what you want to happen. 113 more words

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Practice: Golfing the course at the Range

Practice rarely makes perfect but more often makes permanent.

There are two ways to approach practice: First is to work on your swing mechanics. Second is to work on your game, routine and visualization techniques by bringing the golf course to the range. 174 more words

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Clinic set for disabled Kansas City duffers

Hit the links June 20 for ‘All Can Golf Players’ Clinic’ and tourney

Freelance writer/editor

Join us June 20 for the “All Can Play Golf Players’ Clinic” just before the start of the “Third Annual Greater Kansas City Spinal Cord Injury Association Golf Tournament.” 314 more words

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Finding the Recipe

Finding the Recipe

I read a nice little story a while back about a young girl starting out in golf and taking a few golf lessons. 350 more words