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Got 15minutes? Try this!

I’m always looking for ways to stream line my workouts, the older I get the less time I want to spend grinding out training sessions for hours.   130 more words

What's the best way to finish a workout?

This was one of the questions thrown my way today by a client, so I thought I would share one of my favorites!

I am a big believer in finding a challenge to wrap up a workout, or even a practice session at the golf course for that matter.   276 more words

Balancing in the wind

Today was an early morning, followed by one of the scariest landings I’ve ever experienced and then an adventurous practice round in 20-30 mph wind!  We’re in Riverside, Ca the next few days for UC Riverside’s golf tournament and I am so excited to be here with the SU Women’s Team.   56 more words

Warm Up Wednesday: You have to crawl before you can walk!

Warming up is all about getting the body in the best possible position to crush a workout, round of golf, practice session, Netflix binge watch or even just life! 136 more words

Monday Rehab: Neutral Spine

Neutral spine: two words that fly around the training world a lot these days.  I say it all the time on here and at my office.   967 more words

Tall Kneeling Med Ball Slam Variation 

I’m sitting here watching the Superbowl and it’s hard to ignore how powerful and fast these guys are.  Combining that kind of size with speed is just unreal, let alone their ability to fly through the air. 185 more words

Work on your golf game indoors Part 1

Yesterday may have been Groundhog Day, but it’s no time to be slacking if you want lower golf scores this season.  That means you can’t be hibernating like that groundhog! 480 more words

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