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Overspeed Training

As a golf fitness pro, one of the top requests I get from new clients is that they want to increase their swing speed to add distance to their ball. 872 more words

Core Fitness

Golf Bag Workout

A few months ago I found myself on the road for 2 weeks without any access to equipment to aid in my strength program.  That meant getting a little creative and the heaviest item I had with me was my golf bag.   49 more words

Post flight mobility drills!

I’m still have trouble comprehending where I am tonight…..or just the fact that I’m currently 2 miles from Augusta National.  How on earth am I going to sleep tonight knowing that I get to step foot on a golf course that I have spent almost my entire life watching and dreaming of. 231 more words

My Favorite Kettlebell Moves

I have been loving kettlebells as of late, thanks mostly to Jen Sinkler who put together an amazing 30 days of kettlebell workouts that have been kicking my butt!   250 more words

One of my favorites.....

Only one more day left here in paradise, so in honor of this glorious weather here is one of my favorite exercises I just happened to film at the top of Kokohead Crater this past January. 115 more words

Golf Fitness

Aloha from Maui!

It’s been a long day of travel that required an enormous amount of patience and deep breathes.  But we made it to paradise and get to spend the next 5 days here playing in University of Hawaii’s Tournament at the Kapalua Bay Course!   221 more words

Golf Fitness

Warm Up Wednesday: The Uneven Farmer Carry

Sometimes preparing the body for activity is not always about mobility.  Yes, leg swings and arm circles are great, but what about stoking the stability fire??? 328 more words

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