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Top 5 Golf Fitness MYTHS

With Tiger Woods returning to the Hero World Challenge this weekend, it re-awakens the discussions of many golf topics that have been debated over the years. 2,476 more words

Training for A Great Golf Swing

Over the years, fitness was discussed multiple times at The Grateful Golfer. It is an extremely important part of being a successful golfer, not to mention a healthy lifestyle. 433 more words


Crushing the Off-Season

As a golfer in Canada, learning how to embrace and make the most of the off-season is essential to my sanity. Although the end of another golf season can feel like a bummer, I still look forward to the off-season and all of the opportunities that come with it. 506 more words

The Road To Scratch

Improve Your Golf Swing With Increased Flexibility

It is the end of October as I write this, so there are few days left in the golf season in the Northeast and some other parts of the country.   476 more words

Golf Tips

Train Like A Pro

Golf Fitness, strength exercises and stretches designed specifically to enhance the movements required by golf, is an integral part of a competitive golfer’s regimen. Tom Purtzer, the five-time Tour winner admits, “I’ve never been much of a fitness buff. 42 more words

Golf Leagues: Indoor vs. Outdoor

If you’ve never played in an indoor golf league, you definitely should! While there’s lots of good benefits of playing outdoors in a golf league, many people find the same enjoyment indoors once the cold weather comes in the Fall and Winter. 267 more words

Family Times

Why do you need to be strong anyway?

Considering the name of this blog, and the length of time I’ve been running it, it is pretty shocking to admit I’ve never actually addressed this question before now, I’ve made mention to reasons to be strong in almost every article but never actually fully answered this question, all in one place, in a (hopefully) succinct and useful manner, so this is my intention right here right now. 1,281 more words