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Happy 420, Golfers!

Golf has a long history with smoking, and what better time to talk about it than 420 weekend? In the classic golf comedy Caddyshack, it isn’t just Carl Spackler, the demented  greenskeeper who smokes onscreen. 819 more words

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What is Golf Fitness?

I get asked this question a lot. Another one would be, “how is golf fitness different from just fitness?”

Golf Fitness is a scientific process of training the body to produce maximum power.  532 more words

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Two of my favorite hip opening exercises

When it comes to doing any kind of big lift (i.e. deadlift, squat, lunge, clean, etc), it’s so important to make sure the pelvis is moving and the hips are prepped for the demand.   200 more words

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A great way to work on your core stability and torso rotation

On a week like this when I will not be swinging very many golf clubs, but I have to keep my rotational patterns intact for my tournament next week, I’m always looking to incorporate a little more “golfish” in to my workouts. 156 more words

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Welcome to Vegas Golf

Anya made a hole in one yesterday and Facebook is mad because she just started playing in October. I’m embarrassed to say how long I’ve been playing without an ace. 762 more words

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A great way to build speed and stability with one exercise!

Lateral Bounding is one of my all time favorite exercises that I use pretty much every day with myself and with all my clients.  In a world where we spend most of our day looking, walking and reaching forward, it’s so important to balance that out with some lateral movement.   179 more words


A great way to challenge stability and mobility

It’s fun to do fancy exercises, but the only way to get to those is developing a solid base first.  Simplicity is the key to success in the gym in my opinion and when it comes to incorporating rotation, the simpler the better. 156 more words

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