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Fixing your squat

In my time carry out movement screens on golfers (14 golfers this week alone) and spending most of my life in the gym, helping athletes get strong, I have seen more than my fair share of poor squat form. 949 more words

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Elbow Pain in Golfers: What to do

Today’s article is something a bit special! It’s a guest post from Sports Chiropractor and author Tom Feeney. Tom is a Sports Chiro specialising in myofascial release in Newcastle upon Tyne. 570 more words


3 training methods for the unstable golfer

Injury prone?

Can’t seem to get stronger and more powerful in the gym?

No amounts of stretching or mobilisations seem to help your mobility?

Your fitness program doesn’t seem to carryover to the golf course? 1,292 more words


Progressive overload trumps specificity

Golf, in its most specific sense, relies on lateral and rotational power. Therefore golfers often place all their eggs in this basket. In some respects this is wise, specificity is, of course paramount. 623 more words


T-spine mobility progressions

I am a big fan of this Mike Boyle statement:

“bad golfers rotate from the low back, good golfers rotate from the thoracic spine and the hips”

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Why you're doing your rowing exercises wrong

A common cue during rowing and standing/ prone elevation exercises (lateral raise, y-raises, full cans, etc) is to pinch the shoulder blades together, retracting the scapulae, and really hold that position to lock them there for the duration of the set. 353 more words

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What golf-specific training really is

In the simplest possible terms specificity means that if you wish to develop a certain aspect of training then you emphasise that aspect in your training programme. 1,333 more words

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