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How golfers should progress core work

There are a myriad of different core exercises, a wealth of opinion on how to train the core and body of knowledge that has increased dramatically over the last decade or so and continues to do so, so it’s no wonder core training is a somewhat contentious and confused subject. 1,446 more words

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Random golf fitness thoughts: April edition

1. Fitness isn’t just making the young guys hit it further and play better, it’s helping the older guys play longer and stay competitive

Bernhard Langer’s appearance on the Masters leaderboards was a reminder that working on your fitness isn’t just crucial for the younger guys on tour, or for adding distance to your drives (although it does that!), a good training plan’s main priority will always be to keep you healthy and playing longer. 683 more words

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Exercises to add Power to your Golf Game

Whether you are young or old, we can all agree that the long ball is an envious skill for a golfer. Most of us say “I want to hit the ball 10-15 yards farther off the tee.” We seek to a technical solution, which is necessary in some scenarios. 320 more words

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Pre Round Routine: Who Are You?

The early season has been great for Par4Success athletes as they have accounted for over 20 Top 10 finishes and over 10 individual medalist and tournament wins in 1 month.   575 more words

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5 tips for in-season training

In-season training for golf seems to be a pretty confused area for most golfers with opinions and attitudes ranging from; “I just play during the season,” to fully periodised in-season programs, altering exercise selection, load,volume, etc, to just carrying on with normal training regardless. 1,103 more words


Rate of force development: What golfers need to know

This is a guest post by Alex Ehlert, Alex has really caught my attention of late with his commitment to seeking out best practice for golf fitness by applying research backed evidence (something I like to think of as a defining quality in our training at Stronger Golf too). 1,528 more words

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5 new exercises to get out of the sagittal plane

Hopefully most of you guys out there reading this now know that golfer’s need to get some of their strength and power work in the lateral and rotational planes, if they really want to see carryover to their golf game. 1,220 more words

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