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Get Better At Golf Without Touching a Club!

I hope the title grabbed you. That was the intention. However, I am not going to propose some magic pill, swing aide or formula that will instantaneously improve your golf game.  927 more words

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Is Your Golf Swing Efficient?

By Jeremy S. Hoy, Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Professional (TPI1)

It’s easy to watch the British Open or any major professional golf tournament and be amazed at how effortlessly (most of the time) the golfers seem to hit the ball and how much control and consistency they have during the rounds. 438 more words

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5 Reasons Why Self-Directed Golf Fitness Programs Fall Short

Today’s post was taken from the Titleist Performance Institute website.  It was written by Ryan Blackburn, owner of Orlando Golf Performance and TPI certified fitness professional.  89 more words

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Natural Health Vs Sick Care - Customize Your Alternative Wellness Program

Mdrn health care tm often work gnt u, fllng hrt f xttn l wnt for gd health. In actuality the “sick care” tm prevalent n td’ mdl rn often place u t the mercy f chemotherapy, rdtn trtmnt, nrt, surgeries nd nvv thnlg. 21 more words

Here are some ideas to get you started on being fit for Golf.

In the event you’re just beginning to work out, train drink a pint of milk shake or protein.
Various studies reveal that breaking or altering a routine, will nurture in turn and stimulation, staves off dementia. 16 more words

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Good Athlete ≠ Good Golfer (corollary: you don’t need good eye-hand coordination to be a solid golfer)

I firmly believe, and have witnessed, that you don’t have to be a “good athlete” to be a good golfer.* There is ample proof everywhere. 416 more words

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Juniper Hill Golfing In Full Swing

Juniper Hill Golf Course’s Opening Day started out rainy but ended with great weather and happy golfers.