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A Season of Change

It’s been a while since I wrote a small blurb or editorial so here we go…

Much can said about the bad fortune that us… “People of the North” suffer from. 595 more words

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Clinical Perspectives on Training for Golf

Golfers are unique people. I can attest to that as someone who has played the game since I could walk and spent hours and hours playing for most of my childhood and early adulthood. 2,092 more words

A fun variation on the Burpee!

If you know me, you know that I hate burpees!  As a golfer, the risk vs. reward factor on this exercise is not good.  However, I do like the concept behind them and am on a mission to change the way they are done.   223 more words

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Why We Jump!

The benefits that come from box hops are amazing and I personally love them! I have always been a big believer in box hops in working with my athletes too, which include cyclists, runners, baseball players, tennis players, triathletes, and… well you get the idea … and box hops benefit everyone. 301 more words

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Ripped or Over-Ripe?

The game of golf has come a long way since Old Tom Morris graced the fairways of the “Home of Golf”. Gone are wooden shafts, golf balls made with feathers and the days of wearing tweed jackets to keep you warm from the elements. 1,348 more words

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More lessons from doing 100's of kicks!

I combined my 200 kicks today with some lower body exercises to create a fast, heart racing and leg killing workout.

This is one of the lessons I am learning from taking the time each day to complete my kicks.   311 more words


Some Monday Circuit Fun!

This is a workout I put together earlier this year aimed at hitting the body with exercises that carry a lot of bang for their buck and splitting them up with some great intervals. 74 more words