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The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a few changes to the layout of this here site. Firstly, hope you like it? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 187 more words

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How to develop hip stability

Following on from the importance of hip stability article I wrote last week, I thought it would be a good time to show you how we go about developing hip stability here at Stronger Golf. 1,101 more words

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The Weeks Best Fitness Articles For Golfers - 6/9/15

Article of the week

Smart lifters guide to rest periods, Scott Abel

If there is one question I get more than any other from golfers looking to get fitter and performer in the gym it’s about rest periods. 571 more words

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Random Programming Tips:

1. Single-arm work not just single-leg work

Us coaches are often telling you of the importance of including single-leg work to help strength and conditioning programs gain better ‘carryover’ to sports performance, but rarely do you hear fitness professionals talking about the importance of single-arm upper body exercises, which offer some awesome functional carryover to performance, as well as a host of health benefits. 398 more words

Strength Training

Get Better At Golf Without Touching a Club!

I hope the title grabbed you. That was the intention. However, I am not going to propose some magic pill, swing aide or formula that will instantaneously improve your golf game.  927 more words

Golf Performance

Is Your Golf Swing Efficient?

By Jeremy S. Hoy, Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Professional (TPI1)

It’s easy to watch the British Open or any major professional golf tournament and be amazed at how effortlessly (most of the time) the golfers seem to hit the ball and how much control and consistency they have during the rounds. 438 more words

Jeremy Hoy

5 Reasons Why Self-Directed Golf Fitness Programs Fall Short

Today’s post was taken from the Titleist Performance Institute website.  It was written by Ryan Blackburn, owner of Orlando Golf Performance and TPI certified fitness professional.  89 more words

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