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15 Minute Golf Lesson

Who would have thought that a 15 minute golf lesson would shape the future of my 2015 golfing season. My recent excursion to the Toronto Golf and Travel Show, as you have read from the past two posts, was fun and educational. 407 more words


Michael Jordan on Tiger Woods

Yesterday one of the most iconic athletes in history, Michael Jordan, turned 52 years old.  Following the Chicago Bulls repeat three-peat Jordan made this statement, regarding Tiger Woods, in a 1998 Golf Digest interview to writer Bob Verdi. 228 more words

Destin Florida

Golf Swing Plane - Educated Hands

When focused attention and a deep burning desire to improve meet, great things can happen. “Coach, can I get in the big plane board?” “Absolutely, have at it and have fun!” Following 32 ball drill I asked, “How ya’ doin?” I get two big thumbs up and big smile. 86 more words

Destin Florida

Self Confidence

If you look at all the different components as to what makes us play well, one of those elements that will be included by most sports persons is se… 522 more words


Golf Lessons - How do you Make them Stick?

The thing I love about golf is the thing I hate about golf.

The way it plays with your mind … the way your tee shots will be great one day and lousy the next; you’ll sink every 3-foot putt one day and 3-putt everything the next. 415 more words

Lighter Side Of Golf


(First in a series about playing golf)


head down, left arm straight, right elbow in , weight shift, make shoulder turn, V’s point here, weight on the inside of your feet, slow backswing, stay on plane, just like railroad tracks, square over the ball, fire the right side, clear the hips, belt buckle at target, make a divot, keep head still, keep eye on the ball, one-piece takeaway, don’t use the hands, swing in a barrel, follow through, grip like you’re holding a baby bird (one of my personal favorites), don’t swing too upright, don’t swing too flat, low backswing, accelerate through the ball, swing to right field, don’t chop at it, pause at the top, swing across your chest (unless boobs in the way – (ooopp-sie, I’m fired – and kicked out of the PGA )), hit down on the ball, stay connected, don’t swing too fast, don’t jerk the club back, shoulders should be square, and on and on forever…!!! 181 more words

How To's

The Current Trend Talk ~ What Is Up With Tiger?

When there are tournaments happening around the world and there’s great golf to watch on The Golf Channel, I always look for something in which golfers can relate. 999 more words