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Compared to...

Without a doubt, there’s someone taller than you, faster than you, cuter than you.

We don’t have to look very far to find someone who is better paid, more respected and getting more than his fair share of credit. 222 more words

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Golf Tips

Pretty sure I’ve done this before but just in case here are some really general tips about playing golf:

Lower hands are better than higher hands… 405 more words

How To's

Choosing the Right Golf Ball

Choosing a golf ball can be a challenge because many manufacturers tout the same claims. They are all the longest and softest on the market. However, buying the most expensive or most popular golf ball doesn’t mean that it’s a good ball for you. 583 more words


Tiger Woods and the 85..It's Just A Bell Curve!

Everyone watched Tiger over the weekend with great anticipation. The first question was, will he make the cut. The answer was yes, he did make the cut shooting a 73 and 70 respectively. 817 more words

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Starting the season with a lesson

I always wonder why amateur golfers try to fix their golf swing by themselves when professional golfers use the help of a coach. Over the years I have seen many golfers try to improve their swing by trying different things that they heard on TV, videos, or read in a magazine that are not specific to their swing. 154 more words

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6 Signs That You Are in Need of a Golf Lesson

A Fun and Relevant-at-times Clues to Your Golf Potential

  1. Your regular fore-some yells out “fore right”, before you tee off
    • We are creatures of habit. If you have sliced the ball on your last three tee shots then the odds are that you will make the same habitual move and slice again on the next shot.
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How do you improve your chipping?

How to improve your chipping – Hit down!

So what are the two most common, most annoying errors in chipping? The fat chip (chunk) that goes nowhere and the thin chip (skull) that shoots across the green. 218 more words