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Lesson 14 - Swing Low

7th November 2017

There is nothing like a fresh early winter morning when the sun comes up to be opening the boot and pulling the clubs out.  853 more words


Lesson 13 - Pivot, Load, Explode

9th October 2017

September came and went without any lessons with DT due to a couple of holidays, him doing a couple of European PGA Tour events with clients and the Alfred Dunhill Links.  870 more words


Lesson 12 - Shot Routine

28th August 2017

Discussing my golf at the moment with DT, the topic came up of how well I can play and practice feeling I am good for my handicap to the difference when a Competition comes along and I can literally feel my shots slipping away from me.  987 more words


The Pro Position

If there is one swing position that I think is the key for the rest of the swing, this is it.

Over the years I have noticed one swing position common to almost all tour pros regardless of their size or build.  456 more words


Lesson 11 - Reverse Drive & 7i Putting

21st August 2017

A cloudy and muddy morning met Damian and I as we met at 8am at the National Golf Academy in High Legh.  They were doing work on the range this morning so it was off out on the course to do 9 holes and an all round tidy up.  538 more words


Lesson 10 - Big Swinger

Friday 14th June

For nearly a year now the swing has been the foundation of everything DT and I have worked on to improve my golf.   1,452 more words


Are You Open to Suggestions

Are you open to suggestions about your golf game? I mean, having someone (other than a pro you pay to help) offer unsolicited advice about how to improve your golf game. 477 more words