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Golf Tip: Eliminating Trouble off the Tee

In my earlier golfing career, my biggest challenge in my game was staying in play off the tee. I have always hit the ball straight, yet my game continued to be hindered by poor tee shots. 313 more words


Golf Tip: Putting to Lower Scores

Putting is the cornerstone of low golf scores. There is no golfer, amateur or professional, who has not questioned, dissected, or overhauled their putting stroke. As a golfing fanatic, who is always trying to expand my golf knowledge, I like to ask golf questions to, well, anyone who will listen. 311 more words


A Slippery Slope

Winter golf can have a few of these. Let’s start with the literal ones, the ones that we West Coast golfers encounter as we play our year-round golf. 393 more words


Golf Tip: Keeping your Head Still!

Recently, I placed an image on Instagram with a caption: “keeping your head down through the entire golf swing is important for consistent low scores.” It was a quick note and I originally thought it was grammatically correct and to the point. 314 more words


Are You a Shotgun or a Laser ?

I have found over the years that poor alignment is the root cause of many issues that golfers have with their game.

We all know that mental focus is a very important aspect of playing good golf; focusing the body is also essential. 733 more words

Cause & Effect

Golf Tip - Marking Your Ball on the Green

Marking your ball on the green is as important as making coffee in the morning! There is a procedure to each that if performed properly can have a positive impact on your day. 252 more words


What Causes a Chili Dip in Golf?

Not again! I exclaimed on the course not to long ago. Everyone has heard of the yips while putting, well, I had a case of the chili dips! 500 more words