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Times Have Changed!

I recieved my 2014/2015 TOUR Credential a couple of weeks ago. (yes – it’s STILL very cool to have one of these.)  I received my first credential in 2001, then continued working on TOUR in 2002.   542 more words

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Golf Lessons - How do you Make them Stick?

The thing I love about golf is the thing I hate about golf.

The way it plays with your mind … the way your tee shots will be great one day and lousy the next; you’ll sink every 3-foot putt one day and 3-putt everything the next. 415 more words

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What's Up with Golf?

IF YOU THINK you should be a much better player than you are and are really frustrated with golf, please skip to the BEGIN HERE… 739 more words

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What a Drag

Let’s assume you’re right handed. Isn’t it easier to “hit” with you’re right hand and forearm than it is to “drag” with the back of your left palm? 68 more words

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The Mental Game: Routine and Visualization

Visualization may be the one defining characteristic that separates the 

golfer who appears to know what he/she is doing and succeeds  from

the golfer who merely appears to know what he/she is doing and fails. 240 more words

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Practice: Golfing the course at the Range

Practice rarely makes perfect but more often makes permanent.

There are two ways to approach practice: First is to work on your swing mechanics. Second is to work on your game, routine and visualization techniques by bringing the golf course to the range. 174 more words

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