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Golf Drill: Pennies From Heaven

A transition date of February 4, 2013 was set after which the Royal Canadian Mint no longer distribute the penny. Although the Canadian penny is still circulation, it is only a matter of time before they disappear completely. 297 more words

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Really Look to Learn in Golf

How many golf videos do you watch in the off-season? Do you watch the golf videos or do you ‘watch’ the golf video! I look at plenty that show great shots into the green, shots off the tee, and putts made from miles away! 455 more words


Golf Tip - Shaft Bump Drill

Pete Robbins from White Dragon Golf passed on this great drill by Jim McLean. It ties in with yesterday’s post on making solid contact. As Jim McLean indicates, he is not the inventor of the drill, but explains how your hips sliding forward at the beginning of your golf swing leads to solid contact. 63 more words


Golf Drill: Making Solid Contact

Solid, consistent contact between the ball and the club face is paramount to great golf. I am always looking for new and innovative drills to share with The Grateful Golfer Community! 135 more words