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Practice Your Rhythm with the Driver

Losing control of your ball? Not solidly hitting? More than likely, you’re hitting the ball with a backswing that’s faster than your downswing. To improve your shot, you need to find your rhythm so you gain speed without sacrificing contact. 168 more words


Tap Into Your Imagination to Improve Your Putt

The ability to imagine the path your ball will take is a powerful trick. By envisioning the effect the terrain has on your ball, you can better anticipate the best path to the pin. 201 more words


Exercise to Improve Your Strength - and Game

Golf may not be the most strenuous sport, but that doesn’t mean you should let your athleticism slip. As a golfer, you need endurance and a strong core when facing long, difficult courses. 116 more words


Eliminate Your Lag

Experienced golfers use power and finesse to keep the ball in play. By developing the correct downswing sequence for managing their lag, they add distance to their shot. 200 more words


Speed Of Play - And, Do We Really Need 14 Clubs?

Republished from a LinkedIn post by by Dapper Dan Morby · May 09, 2017, with grateful thanks.

After the “Golf-Sixes” at the weekend, there has been much talk about the speed of play and how the stopwatch had players getting on with their shots. 354 more words

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3 Essential Swing Tips

Still perfecting your swing? You’re not alone. Remembering techniques like pulling power from your body and avoiding an open clubface can make a difference on the course. 208 more words

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Fix Your Slice: Avoid Parallax

Slicing the ball is all too common for golfers. And when they try to use their instincts to overcome the challenge, they often hit the ball even farther right. 163 more words

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