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2 weeks of fitness results

After six years of golf I came to the conclusion that I was not getting real visible results in my golfswing until recently. Since I am always looking for ways to improve I came across TPI, one of my friends is a PGA professional and he is a TPI certified instructor. 194 more words

Early Extension

Baseball Helps Golf

Going off of our last post with golf swings. One thing that I tend to hear about golf swings is that some people could have a baseball swing. 278 more words


Improve Your Golf Game With These Proven Tips

If you’ve just started golfing, you may find that your technique needs some improvement. Even if you’ve been playing for a while, you may have issues in your golfing technique that are standing in the way of you becoming a pro. 288 more words


Developing a Consistent and Reliable Golf Game (Part 6 - Practice)

Here are my thoughts on practice. You can improve your ball striking, chipping and putting by practicing, but the only way to improve your game is to play. 489 more words


Developing a Consistent and Reliable Golf Game (Part 5 - Mental Mistakes)

As a beginner, golfers are more occupied with fundamentals and swing mechanics than they are with making mental mistakes. As a golfer gradually becomes better and better, mental mistakes are more likely to have a negative effect on scores than the aforementioned. 823 more words


Developing a Consistent and Reliable Golf Game (Part 4 - Pre-shot Routine)

Every golfer (whether they know it or not) already has a pre-shot routine. Some go about their pre-shot routine in a methodical way and others go about it in more of a haphazard fashion. 311 more words


Developing a Consistent and Reliable Golf Swing (Part 3 - Tempo)

Without question good tempo, timing and rhythm is key to having a consistent and reliable golf swing. So much so that I devoted a whole chapter to the subject in the second edition of my book “ 481 more words