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Mk. 61: GomBurZa and Manila in the 1980's

I have already mentioned in my earlier posts on how my dad got into photography in the early 1980’s and how it influenced me as I was growing up. 75 more words


Paco Park

Contrary to the busy streets of Manila, there’s this park where you can feel silence and the beauty of nature. It is in circular haven, located in Paco, I think between San Marcelino St and Padre Faura St. 55 more words



This is our 3rd Kalesa trip as part of our Vigan tour. This is the place where we spent most of our time because of 1 Tourism student who blissfully toured us inside the Museum. 495 more words


Today in Philippine History: 18 SEPTEMBER, 1891

18 september, 1891

The second novel of Dr. Jose Rizal, El Filibusterismo (Reign of Greed), written in Spanish and a sequel to Noli Me Tangere, was published in Ghent, Belgium. 108 more words

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Today in Philippine History: 14 AUGUST, 1835

14 august, 1835

Jacinto Zamora, one of the three martyr priests, the so-called Gomburza — Fr. Mariano Gomez, Fr. Jose Burgos, and Fr. Zamora, was born in Pandacan, Manila.¬† 91 more words

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Today in Philippine History: 02 AUGUST, 1799

02 august, 1799

Father Mariano Gomez, one of the triumvirate priests known in Philippine history as GOMBURZA, was born in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

GOMBURZA is an acronym of the surnames of priests Mariano Gomez, Jose Apolonio Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora, who were executed on February 17, 1872 at Bagumbayan (Luneta) by Spanish colonial authorities on charges of subversion arising from the 1872 Cavite mutiny. 41 more words

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Today in Philippine History: 27 JUNE, 1864

27 june, 1864

Father Apolonio Burgos publishes a magnificent defense of the Filipino clergy entitled Manifesto to the Noble Spanish People. In the manifesto, he defended the Honor and Loyalty of the Filipino priests and he deplores the assertions made by racially biased writers on the alleged superiority of the white men and bewails the racial indignities to which his people, the natives of the Philippines, have been subjected to by the Spanish authorities. 56 more words

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