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Seasonal Flower Alliance

You’ve got a good man when he willingly holds the bridal bouquet you just made so you can photograph it as the sun sets and the mosquitos eat you alive.

Sunday Flowers Are Back

It was about a year ago that Chris and I started wondering what life would be like if we had a farm where we could grow flowers and produce.   64 more words

April Begins

With the winter we’ve had here in the northeastern US, flipping the calendar to April brings a sigh of relief.  Yes, we could still get a bit of snow, and the temperatures can vary hugely from day to day, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!   384 more words

Stomata in Gomphrena (dicots)

Photo credit: Scielo

Leaf epidermis and stomata under scanning electron microscopy. 3A: G. virgata adaxial epidermis with striae also over the secondary order vein (white arrow) and fungi hyphae (arrow head). 309 more words


Learning Ikenobo's Ikebana

Last week Christina and I went to Kyoto for a day to learn and practice Ikebana, Japanese floral arrangement. The practice of Ikebana began when Buddhism was introduced to Japan. 320 more words

The Alliance Of Hyogo

Gomphrena Boutonniere

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a boutonnière is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a single flower or bud. The word comes from the French word for buttonhole, which is the British term for a boutonnière. 42 more words

Endless Possibilities

Bug watcher

Montrose last Saturday was a great place for insect watching.

Pollinators were out in force, making the most of the glorious fall day.

I particularly enjoyed watching these bees, their pollen sacs full of neon-orange pollen, coming in to feast on the dahlias: 13 more words

Communing With Nature