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Author Margaret Mitchell

Today on Days to remember we celebrate how on May 3rd 1937 author Margaret Mitchell won a Pulitzer Prize for her book titled, “Gone with the Wind.” … 569 more words


This is something a bit different from my usual stuff on this ol’ blog. Hope you enjoy reading my answers to this TAG (I found it on youtube) and if you want to take part in it then you are more than welcome to. 970 more words



Margaret Mitchell won the Pulitzer prize for “Gone With the Wind” today in 1937.

#fmsphotoaday Day 2: Routine

*Gasping*  Holy shit.  *Holding up one finger* Let me catch my breath.

I made it, bitches.  I made it.  Day 2 of #fmsphotoaday – I am here! 476 more words


Vanessa Place's "It's Kind of Fucked Up" (2015)

What do we make of Vanessa Place’s curious presence in the special dossier “On Race and Innovation” that Dawn Lundy Martin edited for the November 2015 issu… 347 more words

Gone With the Wind

This month I’m kicking off a special series of posts I like to call “Cocktails and Corsets”. All of these movies feature strong female leads in some truly bone-crushing costuming. 460 more words

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Zippity Do Dah

When I chose Zippity Do Dah for my Z post, I thought it was just a song to sing when you are happy. But in reading about the origins and lyrics of the song, I learned it is surrounded by controversy. 389 more words