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3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge-Day 3

As it is the last day of the challenge, I would like to apologize to every one on WP. If, somehow, intentionally or unintentionally I have hurt you, then a heartfelt… 62 more words


Throwback Thursday-1939 Edition- Gone With The Wind (1939) & The Wizard Of Oz (1939)

1939 was an auspicious year. History would record it as the year that would see the beginning of World War II. Movie wise, 1939 produced two of the greatest and most iconic movies of all time: … 298 more words


Shake those feathers off!

This week’s Friday Affirmation comes from the ever so wise affirmation master Louise Hay:

Does it feel like life is weighting you down sometimes, or maybe even right now? 240 more words


A Change in the Wind By SarRansom (In-Progress)(Words: 69,827)

Gone with the Wind
Scarlett and Rhett

It’s not Charles Hamilton’s proposal that Scarlett accepts on the day of the barbecue at Twelve Oaks, unwittingly changing all their lives. 25 more words

Gone With The Wind

It's All Coming Back To Me Now By: DreamGWTW (In-Progress)(Words: 63,540)

Gone with the Wind
Scarlett and Rhett

What if Scarlett woke up one morning to find that she has lost her memory? Takes place after the separate bedrooms incident but before the birthday party. 11 more words

Gone With The Wind

Blogging Gone With the Wind - Chapter 1

So I had an idea. Every year, I watch the movie Gone With the Wind marathon on the day before Thanksgiving. Since it’s literally four hours long, my peak time to catch it is around 7pm. 572 more words