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Need a Ride? Better Goober

I’ve been traveling a lot in the last few months, going to big cities like Boston, San Francisco and Seattle.  One major difference between big city and small town life is how we get around.  534 more words



It’s finally here, the moment I’ve been waiting for all month long–Billoon45‘s “Month in Review”! Bill Monroe goes into his usual schlemiel ballad about his unfortunate existence, but this time, it’s punctuated with a message of hope and perseverance. 449 more words


Moving in a Day

My babies are curious yet calm throughout the process that is moving. They have been vocal about the changing scenery but they have also been so adorable it’s hard to resist. 28 more words


Friday Goob News! 9/16/16

Alright, alright. I know I’m a little late this week. Sue me. Shit happens. But I don’t fuck around, and there will be goob news. Count on it. 278 more words

Fun Stuff

Along comes a goober

Have recently read that the best tactic when negotiating is knowing when to shut up. Note: the tactic isn’t shutting up. It’s knowing when to shut up and… 652 more words


Nice little Tail

This weird oblongish thing of fiber fuzz or hairs had a red vibe to it…even the dot was red this time instead of being black! Like Whoa! 13 more words