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Step Away From the 1040 Before Somebody Gets Hurt

Back away.  Back.  Away.  Now.

I’ve got a sharpened #2 Ticonderoga pointed at my jugular, and I’m not afraid to use it.

The floor is littered with broken pencils, crumpled 8863s and tufts of naturally blond hair, pulled out by the roots.  460 more words


Magical Creatures

Ricky : “Okay Hazel. Be really still… What you see here is the elusive Hedayas Gooberis. They only appear the day after a spring snowfall. So you are very lucky it snowed yesterday.” 58 more words


VIDEO: How To Avoid Being THAT GUY On The Mountain

We encourage skiers and snowboarders of all levels to get out there and enjoy the mountain but please beware of being THAT GUY. The problem with being THAT GUY is that you are fully unaware of your behaviors and think you go unnoticed in alpine surroundings but in reality you are unmistakably even to the untrained eye. 47 more words


SKI INVENTION: Rejoice, The World's First Pocket Ski Wheels - SKIDDI

This revolutionary product addresses a serious problem that has been plaguing skiers for decades….how to get your skis from the car to the lift without looking like a total goober. 164 more words


Yummy App Of The Day: Goober

Todays YUMMY App of the Day is a first for us. This app is a joke of sorts that is attempting to make a statement. Lots of people are angry that the citizen based taxi service, UBER, is not available in St. 170 more words


New App 'Goober' Is Like 'Uber' Except It's Allowed in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — There’s a new app out today from local developers. It’s called Goober, which sounds a lot like Uber, and they’re pretty similar except that Goober doesn’t fall under the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission’s jurisdiction. 126 more words



Ever wonder why Mayberry was so
peacefull and quite?

It just dawned on me.

Practically nobody was married. Here
are some of the single people that come… 53 more words