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Along comes a goober

Have recently read that the best tactic when negotiating is knowing when to shut up. Note: the tactic isn’t shutting up. It’s knowing when to shut up and… 652 more words


Nice little Tail

This weird oblongish thing of fiber fuzz or hairs had a red vibe to it…even the dot was red this time instead of being black! Like Whoa! 13 more words

OK .....

This white piece of hard goo had a smaller olive hard ball like the one I posted just before this one as a “TRANSFORMER’ and it too also has the colorful iridescent-y tinge to it…. 9 more words

Hey Stingray!

This dude looks like a stingray but its a little creature that I don’t know what species or land it came from or how it was made up or made to be…. 13 more words

How Sparkly

This dude is like a fish outta water. It looked like it had a finn and everything. I have no idea what that bigg black dot is, but I see alot of big black dots around here so it doesn’t phaze me! 9 more words

One of my FAVS!

So this one was my favs look how shiny and irredescenty it is! LOOK AT THE THICKNESS OF THAT BLACK FIBER! OHHHHH. jk….I mean what the fuck is this? 19 more words