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How to spot a terrible boss before accepting the job offer.

Whenever I am attending an interview I always wanted to feel the energy of the office premise. I did some research on how to spot a bad manager before accepting the job offer. 567 more words

Good Boss

Why Good Employees Quit

“In thirteen years, I’ve worked for two companies,” Albertson said.  “Managers tell me that I’m a conscientious employee, and I’ve had very good performance reviews in all of my jobs.” 178 more words

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T is a Great Source of Leadership Power

By all accounts, Margie is a very influential leader.  Margie’s CEO said, “She has a way of getting people’s attention.  Margie’s peers often call her for advice, and I think her staff would follow her through fire.” 184 more words

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The Fish Rots from the Head Down

“I’m having trouble with my team,” a manager explained. “We make too many mistakes.  Quality is a concern.  We have too many accidents.  People miss too much work.   189 more words

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Do Your Staff Members Know Your Preferences?

Two employees were discussing their new manager and one said, “He sure takes a long time to respond.”

The other said, “Really?  I got a quick response from him.” 187 more words

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A good one is hard to degauss

The loss of a boss:
not something easy to toss
off. Won’t be Pangloss.


What Makes a Good Coach?

Below are comments from employees in two different departments.

“Our manager, Gardner, is patient and always gives you a second chance.”

“He takes as much time as you need to help you work through things.” 183 more words

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